1. Producer’s probably did this to save fan favourite Davide. If Danica was given last pick it would be a toss up between him and Remi. If they gave her first pick she was likely to pick Luca or Jaques, leaving Gemma or Paige who would obviously save Davide.

  2. I love both of them! I’m not sure if there’s a romantic connection but I don’t disbelieve it.

  3. Do you keep much of that money or does it go straight on more clothes and shopping? You could maybe try to make that a deterrent

  4. Lurking: wondering this too. According to Chronometer I can only eat 1000 calories a day in order to lose weight due to my activity level. My activities are lying in bed, lying in a recliner, and walking to the bathroom or kitchen. BTW, it’s for health not vanity I need to lose.

  5. I’d definitely double check that with a BMR calculator. Even a short, healthy weight female needs at least 1,300kcals maintenance calories. If you’re overweight then it should definitely be higher.

  6. It's still a great game, don't get me wrong, but it gets real heavy at points so... On the other hand, crying over something unrelated might be therapeutic?

  7. When does it start getting heavy? I absolutely LOVE Beyond: Two souls and everything by Square Enix so I’m certain I’ll enjoy it, but I’m super stuck halfway through chapter 2 because I’m bored and the story isn’t picking up yet

  8. Depends on the wording IME. “How are you?” usually requires a response, but something like “You alright” should be met with “Yea yea you alright”.

  9. Minimalism helps a lot, if that works for you. Also batch cooking once a week so that there’s less cleaning and cooking. Don’t wash your clothes after every wear if they’re not dirty. Invest in good cleaning tools and appliances go get things done more quickly. See if there’s room to relax your standards a little without it impacting your hygiene/mental health. Spend more time outside so that mess isn’t being made at home.

  10. but anxiety can be treated, so what happens then? I never was told it was anxiety but wouldn't they give you treatment and then you report back that nope you still can't walk 10 mins without muscle fatigue?

  11. Well in that case, it must be depression. Take some Sertraline and hit the gym, you’ll be better in no time!

  12. Hi everyone! I'm Jasmine, hoping to find people to play Overwatch with on PC. I'm 22 and in EST, USA (moving to CST in a couple months). I play a few other games as well, but Overwatch is my current multiplayer obsession.

  13. Hey! It won’t let me DM you but I’m looking for an overwatch buddy too. I’m 27, BST timezone :)

  14. I’m the same age and play lots of Overwatch, BST time zone. Feel free to DM me your PSN or battlenet :)

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