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San Francisco votes to approve robots to use deadly force

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AITA for using flash cards to explain to my brother and his wife why they can't bring their rainbow baby to my wedding?

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  1. Probably from the surrounding boondocks... Shreveport is bright and shiny when you see it from the sticks. Why you so concerned anyhow?

  2. What he intends to do while here affects recommendations on places to stay.

  3. Is Highland/Stoner Hill an ok area to stay? We are just coming in town to party I guess. May or may not go to the casino

  4. Not the best. Where is there to stay in Highland/Stoner?

  5. Can't believe it's not on the list yet but ... Subway. Bland cold cuts on cardboard bread.

  6. But it's well-known as shit, so not overrated.

  7. For real though, this is why urinal dividers are important. I can’t fathom why any bathroom with multiple urinals wouldn’t have them.

  8. Unnecessary expense and probably has ADA requirements that make spacing wider.

  9. sometimes it can create a stage fright situation.

  10. That's when you ask the guy next to you to hold it for a second so you can cover your ears and close your eyes.

  11. Born and raised in Houston, spent lots of time in Port City as kid since my dad is from Shreveport. Currently live in DC and visited Shreveport a couple weeks ago and the area where the Torchy's Taco is located really impressed the wife and I.

  12. Houston to Shreveport to DC? It's like you're on an "armpit sweat" tour of the country.

  13. I love Shreveport and have lived here almost my entire life, but with no family and no specific job pulling me here, I can't imagine I would choose to move here.

  14. "Get the pum pum" is the least sexy expression in the history of human language.

  15. Homemade food does not make it automatically healthy. If you fry shit in half a liter of oil or a pack of butter it's a heart disease recipe.

  16. Why is frying in oil bad for heart disease?

  17. Humans make the decision to use deadly force. Yesterday that meant pulling the trigger and firing a bullet at someone. Today it means pulling the trigger to release a robot that may later use physical force. How is that ever considered a downgrade?

  18. They aren’t even autonomous. Headline should be, “San Francisco authorizes use of thing to kill people”

  19. If someone developed a bullet that could, after it had been fired, automatically stop/disable/deflect itself away from a human target, would that be something worth using? That is also "a robot that can use deadly force."

  20. What's a really smart reason to hate a cartoon animal?

  21. Well look at Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh! They're running around half naked all the time. My god, they have no pants as well as no shame. How ungodly. \s

  22. One of the few times Jimmy Fallon was actually funny

  23. Every grocery list my wife has ever managed to make has had "corn nog" added to it by her husband before she could get to the store.

  24. The only thing I know about you is that you drive a Juke, so you're 0/1 on being right about things.

  25. I mean it has 128KB of RAM, and you would need probably at least 10 times that amount to properly emulate. PCs will never have multiple MEGAbytes of RAM! At least not ones anyone can afford.

  26. There’s no real issue with the areas themselves. It’s more that the highlighted areas are considered not just predominantly white but particularly old money white. It’s where a certain demographic in Shreveport strives to live and it’s where everyone on this post is trying to steer you to live. When I would bet money none of them live there.

  27. Are you involved in the drug trade? If not, and you're not a complete idiot, it's fine, same as anywhere else.

  28. The expression "foreskin gliding" 1,000% gives me a mental image of someone using a hang-glider made out of foreskin.

  29. About like people believe you magically posted this to the Internet.

  30. That’s a wild find. GE did eventually buy NBC too before Comcast bought them.

  31. GE bought NBC back when I was little, probably the 80s.

  32. How dare you disrespect someone who is trying to ignore or circumvent the rules at your event!

  33. This is Reddit, so he is obviously cheating on you. Dump him and live on.

  34. Oof. I wish I could sit and read this whole thread.

  35. The N____r who took all my money was named David.

  36. thanks! Yeah I don’t feel like it’s necessary to have a professional photographer come. Not high on my priorities.

  37. When are you planning to do this? If you need a photographer, let me know.

  38. Came here to say this! I dated a guy and I got pregnant like reeeeeally early into the relationship. He was so cool, I just assumed he shared my political views. I had an abortion and didn’t think much of it other than feeling like a dumbass for not using a condom that one time. I found out 2.5 years later when we broke up that he never loved me because he couldn’t respect a woman who so easily chose an abortion. Turned out he cheated on me with a girl who shared his traditional values and got her pregnant months after we broke up.

  39. If I pro-Life, but also believe in the rule of law and (up until this year) accepted the fact that it was legal, what is my "political view" on the subject?

  40. The problem is that literally everything is a political view. So while I don't really have a problem with a partner who has a different opinion than me on, for example, anything either of us would vote on, something like "Slavery should be reinstituted!" is also a political opinion and while the belief per se isn't really a problem (it's not like there's any chance of it happening) the fact that they believe something so obviously awful means there must be something inside of them that is going to be a problem which manifests in some other way.

  41. More people died to pikes in the middle ages than any other weapon

  42. Only because "diarrhea" isn't technically a weapon.

  43. You now what, this one convinced me. I am now 100% on board with everything this person says.

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