1. thanks for the update i was going today to check it out. is it the DECC park you're talking about or is it a different one?

  2. can you tell me where in Al bidda park? last I've been there was like 2 years ago but never saw this. I'll go rent a bicycle there and look around

  3. best thing to say here is if you're in dought about something better stay away from it, there's a lot of different opinions in the comments non with an actual proof. personally i think it's halal based on

  4. Oh fuck. Lifetime of back pain plus a most likely broken tailbone and sacrum. God, I bruised by tailbone once falling backwards on my ass whilst maybe 3 inches from the ground whilst squatting down and it hurt like fuck for the next 2 weeks.

  5. happened to me once, my friend pushed we while playing. thinking there was a door behind me, i tried to lean on it while falling, the door was open, and i fell hitting my tailbone first. hurt like hell when ever i bent over for the next 3 months.

  6. Does anyone know if he ended up getting a ticket?

  7. This is hard to watch for me. Soccer is his entire life, he’s nearly won it all and this was the last time he’ll for a World Cup. What a career he’s had, both league and international play. Thank you for everything you’ve done fir the game CR7. Enjoy some time off!

  8. i really wish in the future if he ever decides to becomes a coach for Portugal and wins it.

  9. I support morocco, but idk wtf was the coach thinking for not putting ronaldo in right after the goal. felt really sad for him

  10. ik first half subs are not as tactical, but i feel ronaldo could've at least tied it

  11. This guy knows english, he could read everything related to earth, sun and moon all he wants but he choose to believe what an outdated book said. One by one muslim gets braindead every single day if they keep on relying on this book.

  12. nowhere in the quran does it say the earth is stationery. this just shows that the people in this sub never even try to research basic knowledge of islam. and how much of you where actual muslims. just a bunch of hateful arrogants who take the words of people instead of the words that are actually in the book.

  13. i think he used a render software idk what its called

  14. Bro thinks calling stupid rules stupid is offensive. They literally have rules limiting basic human rights for women or people of the LGBTQ community.

  15. you doing it again, you think all countries should abide by your moral values and rules. also they never said gays aren't allowed nor they will be jailed, they dont care what kinda of person you are they literally said anyone can come. they just ask to respect they're rules, and public display of affection is one of them, you could be jailed even if you're straight and kiss in public, so what your point?

  16. Why is qatar promoting islam, and why are they saying they will make everyone Muslims, is that also in the law?

  17. no its not in the law, nor they are forcing anyone into islam. they are promoting it because its part of their culture, if you go anywhere in the world where people live traditionally, you'll find almost all of them would love to share their culture with the rest of the world. why only when it comes to islam and arabs you seem to have a problem? stop believing in the propaganda and do your own research

  18. same here on pc, but it goes down to normal after a minute or 2

  19. a monkey once did it to me in a school trip to the zoo, i looked up to it, and it pissed right into my right eye, thankfully nothing happened to my eye lol, i washed it right away

  20. wow i just checked the go fund me and its now at about $55k, great work from this brother, may Allah make it easy for her and guide her son.

  21. https://www.gofundme.com/f/muslim-sister?utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer

  22. i think you forgot resistance 😥, one of my top 5 maps

  23. yes click the burger menu in bottom right then click the bin icon

  24. Coulda just... Had them on the left...

  25. or could have them all removed and have the push to open kinda drawers

  26. remix mode, to enable it type /settings, then click remix mode.

  27. what's the first prompt you used and what did you change in it?

  28. bro what, i did the same thing like 2 months ago 😂😂

  29. Great minds think alike 😂 my prompt was “snoop dogg but he’s actually a dog portrait, (highly detailed,HD,photorealistic,)”

  30. mine was "snoop dog as a dachshund", i thought it was the closest looking dog to snoop 😂

  31. i think they're going to add dome already, a part of wz2's map is dome.

  32. i didn't even get that email....it just tells me i have the emblem unlocked

  33. same here, does unistalling the beta do anything? i uninstalled it about 2 days after it ended. im afraid that it wont even record that i played it, i spend about 15+ hours on the game and got to lvl 30. but now im seeing everyone getting emails, and im starting to think that uninstalling it might have caused me not getting the email.

  34. He’s gonna hurt in the next few days and weeks. Adrenaline walked it off now but wait until later. I been there

  35. lmao same, in tunisia, as kids we used to go into houses that are under construction and jump off the roof onto a pile of sand that they use to mix with cement. everyone jumed nothing happend, until i jumped, bent my back and couldnt breath for the first few seconds then walked it off. went home, lied down to watched tv, couldn't stand up after, had to crawel up the stairs to get to my bed and my family was laughing at me 😂, woke up with a sore back but thankfully could walk, all ways cracks me up when i remember this

  36. isnt sheikh uthman ibn farooq in tijuana doing dawah? his latest video showed 3 people accepting islam. may allah guide the Mexican people, they seem so genuine.

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