1. I agreed but if someone likes to post funny memes about cringy Gacha

  2. And I would compare this ship to the worst ship Sangwoo x Yoonbum

  3. If I correct, one of them raped the other. That's messed up as hell

  4. Don’t forget, Bakugou is bent over

  5. How you gonna say bye bye to someone's account? Omg, I hated kids like them

  6. Just by looking at her ships, I can already see an average 12 year old obsessed with stereotypical stuff and just like what most people like

  7. Yep. Luckily that kind of people just died for a good few years now.

  8. We are doing it for letting people know that we still believe in changing things

  9. There really never was a peaceful way to deal with gacha heat. They’d just whine around like the kids they are.

  10. This gachatuber I watch changed the name they are really good they made enn be possessed by brown haired child and mike is his father figure (channel’s name is ari likes fnaf ) they ship vanny x mike

  11. Jeez, I didn't know a grown ass adult is bullying a fucking kid. She needs to grow some balls and maturity, I'm like 15 turning 16 and I don't even act like that, wtf??

  12. I mean I’m not mad, rn I’m just bored since school hasn’t started yet

  13. They're really making police officers having a bad reputation

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