1. Hi Shea! I'm Sal, F(NB), 22, I love gaming, music, stuffed animals, crystals/rocks, plants and art! I'd love to talk and get to know you more and see what happens!

  2. Hey! I'd love to talk! I'm 22, F, they/them or she/they as well! Also autistic, bi or pan..labels are iffy for me..I just love people in general, and I think I'm demisexual xD anime/Manga is a huge safe place for me and I also love writing, gaming and collecting stuffies! I'd love to talk with you and be your friend, I need more of them :3 do you have snapchat?

  3. i believe my trauma is part of the reason i'm non-binary, it's something i've been thinking about recently. i had never really thought about it until i started going to therapy again and learned that some stuff from my past was not right or normal for a child, and i kinda started putting two and two together.

  4. hey! i'm 22, f but nonbinary, we have the same tastes! feel free to shoot a dm, i'd love to send you my snapchat user and we can talk! :)

  5. I’m too scared to write notes. I don’t want anyone to know until I’m 100% sure im going through with it…

  6. i don't blame you. i used to be the same way. i would hesitate writing my own notes and ending up putting all of my energy into trying to write one would even stop my own attempt. but im at my wits end. i've been writing everything online and will publish it on my social media once im about to do it

  7. my whole family was honestly waiting every year for the moment that i got out of my moms hands.

  8. I feel like I am not well placed to give you advices or my opinion. Because I don’t know your situation enough, as someone outside of it. I think you maybe should talk with them, in general communication is the key of a lot of things. Knowing their opinions and beeing able to explain your feelings could really help. I think that everything can improve if people take time for it, just keep faith!

  9. that's what i've been trying to do for years since the family split. there is no effort on their side. i keep trying to get them to talk and letting them know how i feel but i get nothing in return

  10. oh i'm so sorry :( i have moments like this sometimes, and my partner also has them too where i look like one of his really abusive exs and he just shuts down. it's scary, and it's confusing but you will be okay! remind yourself that you are safe, maybe come up with a touch system with your partner, where 2 taps on the skin mean "yes, i'm okay, give me affection" and 3 taps mean "i can't recognize who you are right now and i need space". it might help, it would be worth a shot! see if there is anyway that your partner can reassure you that you're safe when this happens; talk with them and brainstorm some ideas. and please remember you aren't alone <3 my dms are always open if you need to talk or vent; and you can just rant without me responding too if that's what you need

  11. If it will help you, that is exactly what it was made for! You don't need certain qualifications or approval for a mobility aid that will benefit you. :) Took a lot of worrying for me to get my chair too

  12. thank you so much! i was really worried that it wouldn't be right for me to do, but everyones comments have really helped ease that anxiety. much love to you all <3

  13. thank you to everyone who's commented so far, you've all really helped with this <3 i appreciate you all

  14. This sounds serious, I don’t normally say this but you should honestly consider medication and see a psychiatrist (if you haven’t already)

  15. hi there, i'm on medication, finally found some that work but they don't help the paranoia much. i'm seeing a therapist but she hasn't referred me to a psychiatrist yet :/

  16. Ok gotcha. Sorry I wish I could help you, just remember the paranoia is not real it’s a defense mechanism your mind created probably due to childhood trauma. There’s nothing to be afraid of, but I know it’s not easy :/. I hope you can find some peace of mind, good luck friend.

  17. Most lawyers offer free consults, call a family lawyer first. Find a good one in your county by checking reviews online. If they can't help you they will know someone else who can. Edit: I highly recommend a lawyer, and not to do it yourself unless you are absolutely broke. They are professionals who know the ins and outs of everything that will pertain to your case. They know how to best help you, more than any of us online will. Plus if this does go to court they will be by your side and it looks way better to the judge.

  18. thank you so much, i appreciate it! i mostly just didn't know what kind of lawyer to go to because i couldn't find info on it online and i don't have many people to talk to so i came here. i think i found a family lawyer to get in contact with, hopefully he can help me

  19. Sending you virtual hugs today friend <3 I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling. If you need someone to talk to, I'm around

  20. I am so sorry! I would report her ASAP! That's incredibly unprofessional and rude

  21. Regardless of having PCOS, stress/high emotional upset may be the culprit here. If your breakup caused a lot of stress for you, that’s something that can bring on a period and generally change our cycle. High stress floods our system with chemical signals that we evolved to tell our bodies “hey it’s not a good time for pregnancy rn so go ahead and bleed or prevent ovulation”.

  22. Okay, thank you so much! The smell was very weird, I've never experienced it before. I'm going to keep an eye on my cycle this week and see what happens. I really appreciate it!

  23. You could try a snuffle mat? It might keep her busy for a while!

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