1. My name is Tyler Anderson, and welcome to Jackass

  2. Shoot Me Again is so much worse than Purify

  3. This is what you call "stepping up". You love to see it.

  4. My little girl, Jinx. Gave me that exact look when I adopted her. Melted my heart.

  5. It sort of looks like the person in the grave is giving Giant Jesus the finger. This is a superb find.

  6. I don't know if you guys know this, but uh, Estevez is pretty good.

  7. I would like to get his bat into the lineup everyday, somehow, but they aren't just going to completely bench Ward.

  8. I feel like we're approaching "stop trying to make Fletcher happen" territory. I like him. He plays hard and seems like an awesome dude. I hate to say it but he ain't it.

  9. I'm ok with this. Silseth will get his time.

  10. Sooooo are we optioning ward/ dfa rengifo and bringing back daddy fletch, so we don’t have to deal with rengifo for days with guys off?

  11. I really wish these guys could just get hot and go on a run. They keep dicking around .500. The pieces are there, but it's not working.

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