Taking gun away from an active shooter alone

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  1. This is the classic difference between equity and justice. Everyone getting charged 30% is equal, but people with more disposable income are much more disproportionately affected. Add 30% on a number that people already can’t afford and you’re spelling out the most tone-deaf solution ever

  2. I still believe the wifi connected fridge with a screen is a parody of electronic dependent consumerism.

  3. Out of all of them this seemed to be the most useful, albeit marginally. You could have a camera in your fridge so you could check what you have at the grocery store and know exactly what you have/ don’t have

  4. This scene made this entire franchise happen

  5. Not sure I can believe this, he’s always been such a levelheaded guy /s

  6. Personal issues aside, that's the GOAT right there. Elvis had nothing on MJ.

  7. I’d argue that prince is right next to, if not past him. I’m major bias, but prince played all the instruments in every song on his first 2 albums. He had a bigger range too, however MJ is transcendent as a performer

  8. So yet again, an unarmed person was able to disarm a murderer who was exercising his right to bear arms. Hum

  9. Super important to recognize, too bad we didn’t have people with guns there /s

  10. This woman had such a hard life and nobody can say they would do differently. She seems like a great person and I hope this guy lives up to that for her

  11. Guys he doesn’t say beers so you can’t hear the tooth whistle

  12. Just so we’re all aware this could still have been motivated by racism… what a group of assholes

  13. I hope he doesn’t get in trouble for this because I have been loving every day of this

  14. I’ve been sick with cancer and I’ve now had to stop working, but when I first became symptomatic I was still working and I was losing weight like crazy so I had to start drinking Ensure. My coworkers were stealing it out of the fridge at work. Ensure is expensive, almost $14 for a six pack. I can’t afford to be consuming the 3 per day that my doctor has prescribed and my insurance won’t pay for it. So even one per day is expensive for me and my shitty coworkers were stealing it. I started putting it inside a lunch bag so it wasn’t obvious and it would still get stolen. I had other food go missing from work as well. I’ve had a really hard time eating anything, food hurts me so I have to eat very small amounts every hour or so. No matter what I put in the fridge at work it would get stolen but the Ensure was the one that made me maddest because it’s so expensive.

  15. You need to nuke your food with laxatives, and open the seal on every bottle you bring. Make them not want it anymore, because they’re clearly terrible humans

  16. Holy shit it was the learning channel? Lol

  17. Goddamn these movies were expertly crafted

  18. Oh yeah well my wife puts ketchup on her tacos, and it upsets everyone I know… she didn’t even know it wasn’t normal

  19. My brother had this and it turned out had a deformed rib cutting of circulation to his hand, and had it not been removed would eventually have forced him to get his arm amputated. Hope it’s not that lmao

  20. I’m pretty sure Danny devito is shorter and he’s the greatest of us all

  21. You’re pretty duck the haters! Also 5’10 is 67th percentile I believe

  22. Helium can’t be replaced…. So that’s good

  23. This is about to be where the main character of a musical discovers they’re meant for more in this world

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