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  1. We’re all the same lol. If you don’t have a splitting headache on the 1st tee box you ain’t doing it right.

  2. This is why I bring two beers to the range, practice how you play

  3. Next round I play I'm taking a couple joints. We're testing this, scientifically.

  4. Man I’ll never forget sitting in the dining hall one Friday on UT’s campus and Bruce coming around chatting up students and making sure everyone was going to the football game the next day

  5. I find it hilarious too. Bad taste and a tinge of darkness to it? Yep. That’s what makes it hilarious. People need to stop being so serious and relax a little. Those kids probably have 10x more of a sense of humor about it.

  6. Right? The headline is pretty much straight from an Anthony Jeselnik set

  7. To be fair, glaives with the void fragment to heal on melee kills plus devour was already doing a fantastic job.

  8. That fragment is pretty ass because it’s interruptible, karnstein heals are not. If you were running that fragment consider it as freeing up a fragment slot

  9. I’m not. If I was I’d probably be sharing all my socials. I’m not gonna post his insta on here because that would be bogus and he’s not a bad guy tbh. This guys notorious in my neighborhood for being a cool guy. I’ll continue to post his stuff as it comes along.

  10. "hand for scale" MF we literally have a person for scale

  11. More like “claw for scale,” my guy needs to clip those blades

  12. I think you meant mixed feeling about drinks in the workplace hahaha. I personally think it depends on the job tbh.

  13. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the joke going right over your empty head

  14. Science jargon for all the babies that survived to make more babies were from just a few sources.

  15. And honestly, in this cause i'd support it. Not saying the kid was in the right, but that doesn't make what hte guard did any better. He could have stopped the kid. Instead he chose to trip the kid and send him flying over a stairwell (not even just on flat ground). That could have even possibly killed the kid if he landed wrong (my uncle got tripped up on a bicycle and flew the same way but over flat land and now he is a quadriplegic cause he landed on his neck).

  16. Based on my experience as a kid, the security guard proc tried to stop them multiple times before this clip

  17. Well if they can see on camera that they’re in the stairwell and the hallway they might

  18. “Oh shit I’m about to get shot, lemme go shoot all my ammo out the window instead of at the guys who are about to shoot me!”

  19. I don’t care how many guns they had. They’re not shooting their way out of a single hotel room door.

  20. The next rational choice is never “shoot out the window at people unrelated to the issue,” which means his choice to shoot at random people outside was irrational, therefore nutjob.

  21. no. just the technology era generation that never applied their minds. older generation use their critical thinking skills and don't trust anyone blindly in regards to own healthcare. They don't drug drug up with shots. Just cuz the gov give you drugs and call it something else don't mean it's not drugs. drugs are not natural. No difference from street drugs. The gov is making you dependent on it destroying your immune system. It's not healthy to drug up repeatedly. common sense to those who use their brain.

  22. You clearly haven't been to Houston. Also built on a swamp (well, bayou, which is just another type of swamp), and located on the coast of one of the warmest bodies of water surrounding the US. Hotter, and just as if not more humid than DC.

  23. When you 1st seen the cable guys equip. He didnt respond, didnt come back. Why wouldn't you call the police immediately? You get bad vibes from the crawl space, right? I have to finish reading this post. I stopped when I read you went to bed w/o checking on him. If he dies or disappears it's on you. Or maintenance workers, repairmen with bad intentions could hide out in the crawl space just waiting for you to fall asleep & rob or kill you. K, I'm going to finish post

  24. Or like, this guy obviously lives in a house- he should have seen the cable guys car still therw

  25. Those varicose veins are 100% indicative of a serious health problem. That's not normal even for a heavily muscled person.

  26. This is why BMI is a thing, you can have 3% body fat and weigh 300lbs of muscle, bone, etc, but your heart still has to pump blood through all that extra mass

  27. This can all be fixed by congress and the senate passing laws. Which is their job, not the courts.

  28. In what world does the senate pass this? Half of them will take their ball and go home

  29. You get energy for both. But only mod buffs for the first one. This cooldown thing for wells has been around for a while. Just like if you kill things with charged melee (hammer throw for example) back to back within a sec or two, only the first kill makes the wells, the second kill does not. Give it another few seconds, then your 3rd hammer kill will make wells again. Probably Bungie's way to limit/slow down how many wells being made in quick successions.

  30. Remember when white ammo bricks were slowing down the game in last wish? Might also be why- too many wells on the ground slowing the game

  31. Halo Infinite is a part of that franchise and it is fair to hold it to the same standard of content.

  32. Except those games had designated levels and were not open world. Making it open world added a ton of technical and logical hurdles.

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