1. Great work, thats my current goal. At level 53, on higbest difficulty. Lol ive never done so many squats n planks in my life

  2. Damn dude, I only play on lvl 13 these days, I think my highest ever was 15, maybe 16. I do always finish sets tho, so that adds a bit of intensity. The squat pain is so real hah

  3. Can we please stop with this? I find these posts so cringe

  4. Could always go to the main cyberpunk sub if you find it "so cringe" when people appreciate the game and its graphics.

  5. Aw, too bad, a public forum that doesn't exclusively cater to your tastes? That sucks, my guy.

  6. It's got a bit of a concept art feel to it. I thought of the Jak concept art for a second.

  7. Damn, I grew up absolutely loving and looking up to Bob Rafei who did the concept art for the Jak games, that's a massive compliment! <3

  8. I have to ask - do you have any other socials to follow you for your art?

  9. Wow! That did not end the way I expected... really shows the drastic change from self centered smuggler to a ma'am with a plan drive and ambition to do what's right for the galaxy!

  10. I'm glad the element of surprise worked haha! Thank you so much, if I had the resources and time I'd love to do something like that for sure!

  11. Love this. You did a great job underlining her transformation in Ziost/KotFE with some great music choices and transitions.

  12. Thank you so much!! Yeah, I personally love how the Ziost and KotFE events really contrast some of the lighter class stories. Always a sucker for plot lines that kick your character to the curb, only for them to come out stronger on the other side lol

  13. Edit: Haha holy shit nevermind, I tried again using a couple of different suggestions and breezed through the fight no problem. Didn't bring the reprogrammed skytrooper and positioned myself on one of the platforms the captain usually spawns on, which causes her to bug out and not use the spawning attack at all. Then I could just sit on my ass and kill her dead. An exploit for sure, but it works.

  14. I think your problem might be the Reprogrammed Skytrooper. I can't speak for everyone else but in my experience the Skytrooper only steals Senya's heals from you. Already Senya isn't great at keeping up with the Captain's damage output so having to heal another combatant doesn't really work out.

  15. Huh! Good to know, I'll try without the skytrooper next time.

  16. Corso is the absolute worst, especially playing a female smuggler. You can turn down his inevitable advances time and time again only for him to go 'I know you told me to fuck off, but I'll hold a candle for you until the end of time, whether that makes you uncomfortable or not'. I flirted with him all of two times because that's what my character would do, and he turns around and declares eternal love for her even though you can pretty explicitly tell him to back off. I'm glad for all of the dialogue options available to let him know he's delusional if he thinks the captain would ever be interested in being his little tradwife, but the fact that he's like that to begin with... yeah, it kinda sucks.

  17. No, the 60 and 70 boosts lock you out of Class Story and Shadow of Revan (and the 70 locks you out of Knights of the Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne)

  18. Thought so, sadly. But thanks, good to know! Then it's back to the grind for me.

  19. it appears to be a fetish because this dude is shipping her as lesbian and i'm pretty sure gaige is one of the only characters that doesn't have a sexuality gimmick.

  20. ah yes, the ol' "every person who draws two characters together must be a pervy dude out to sexualize the source material". A classic, truly.

  21. Love the outfit in the center, is that based on in-game gear or is it of your own design?

  22. Thank you! All three outfits were freestyled, I just tried to get close to the aesthetic without having to actually draw in-game armor 😅

  23. Amazing artwork! Your characters are iconic, what are their names? I like your sentinel the most, she looks fun!

  24. Oh my word this is amazing!!! Do you take commissions?

  25. I actually do love it, if anything I wish there was some more permanent dirt/grime when outside of combat, or maybe the option to choose so. All the characters in game look like they just stepped out of a salon, you just crashed in a squid-spaceship and spend every night camping on a bedroll… the characters SHOULD look grimy

  26. I'm all for grime, it's just not implemented well yet (which is to be expected from early access). If it was more consistently spaced over the characters' bodies instead of solely on the face and it didn't accumulate quite as fast as it does now, I'd be all for it. If there were other means to clean it off, that'd be cool too. As it stands, having to waste a spell slot to get your party clean is a bit annoying.

  27. I haven't played the latest patch yet - did they add new faces, or is this a mod?

  28. You literally warned her that she'd need to look for a new place to stay months in advance. Plus, she tried dictating how things should be run in YOUR space despite not even paying rent?? NTA, kick her ass to the curb and don't look back.

  29. The camera is clearly still a work in progress, it was this bad even before patch 8. My biggest hurdle right now is that sometimes it will seemingly randomly set the panning speed to an absolute crawl and nothing except for exiting to the main menu and reloading a save fixes it :/

  30. This artstyle is lovely 😫👌 what program do you use for drawing?

  31. Oh ok, thank you! And one more question: do you also have an Instagram account where you post your artworks?

  32. I don't, but I do have a twitter account where I post my stuff, my handle is Snuffymcsnuff

  33. I had the very first challenge bug out on me because I beat it too fast and I dunno, that just made me real petty. Immediately dropped the difficulty down to story and while I guess it's different now that they've patched in i-frames during knockdowns, it was ridiculous before. Depending on the timer and the fixed loadouts, some fights can still be an absolute nightmare to manage because the bigger enemies are on your ass every second and won't let you get any hits in due to the arena being such a tiny pit. Fighting tiderippers in an open area can be fun. Fighting them in the arena sucks, there's just no room for you to maneuver when it constantly spams AEO and slam attacks. So yeah, unless they patch the enemy aggression or make arena fights free, I'm not gonna bother with it on normal.

  34. NTA. You're not complaining about him doing his hobby, you're complaining about him doing it in the middle of time that should be spent being in the moment with you. Making you watch a movie and then pulling out his phone to game is not him "practicing his hobby", it's being disrespectful of you and your time.

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