RC takes stake in Alibaba! per WSJ

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.


*Lowers face into palm*

  1. They are taking everything incrementally. First tanks then jets THEN magic wands. Don’t want to escalate too quickly.

  2. I think Russia is already planning (at least considering) to escalate to chemical weapons like they did in Syria. Hence the recent ban on beards in the Russian armed forces, decreed by Putin. Gas masks don’t seal well when you have a large beard.

  3. chemical weapons are viewed the same as nuclear by most western nations

  4. Ukraine has its fingers in the dyke while the world dithers and rations help. It’s infuriating. This situation becomes more dangerous for everyone with time.

  5. Just balancing a FT job & family is hard enough. Add in very late nights as a superhero & it would be extremely difficult to keep this up for an extended period of time. Im fairly certain a crumbling marriage would be an accurate real world reflection of the kind of life Peter Parker would lead. Yes he is super strong, but perpetual nights of only sleeping 3-4 hours would wear down anyone. I would watch this version of a Spider Man. Also, teachers for the most part make shit for pay, so MJ would have to be at least a working actress for them to afford any decent size house. Or be a server at a very high end restaurant where she can bring home a lot of money in tips. Source: I’m a Chef & my wife is a teacher.

  6. do you think I could just go to the bank and tell them who I am and ask and see if they could lock up his account or something cause all this money has been withdrawn over the past 5 months every week or so it had seemed he had taken out a like anywhere between 2 or 3 grand sometimes more

  7. no. you have no legal right to that money unless you have a power of attorney

  8. unfortunately she is unlikely to listen to anyone until it is too late

  9. use the information from your year end statement online

  10. Just write up a fake lease for the cop's house. Problem solved!

  11. I have a friend who is the exact same way. Make plans at 12 PM you won’t see her till 8 PM and she always has lies to back her up but her boyfriend always accidentally burns her out

  12. I guess the question is, what category of boat?

  13. There's girls in Afghanistan that aren't allowed to go to school anymore that probably would have appreciated that attitude last year when their country was crumbling and the rest of the world looked the other way

  14. blame the men of Afghanistan who did nothing to fix their country or culture

  15. Go ahead, tell me who was going to invade and they stopped their plans because the US would be involved.

  16. This is the fifth post I’ve seen this week about this. Can we put an embargo on these for now?

  17. You mean something popping up on your computer screen repeatedly that you didn't want is annoying?

  18. Man I just joined this sub yesterday. I can’t believe some of this shit.

  19. the answer to every post asking if it is a scam is "yes"

  20. Because America wages a cold (and sometimes hot) war against the Soviet Union and therefore russia for the past 80 years.

  21. If they didn't, Russia would have taken half of Europe already.

  22. This war is probably the only time I've ever seen America's obsession with weaponry as a good thing. If it works, it works though...

  23. it is the reason that other countries don't have to

  24. Putin, “Our new level of war goes up to 11!”

  25. why don't they just make the current war louder?

  26. I guess head to your local Bank of America and see

  27. S.H.E.E.P. is a friendly active casual alliance still looking for one player. Only requirements are mostly daily play and boss event participation. Most of us are in 4 or 5 star land.

  28. I don't bank with BOA, but has anyone else noticed issues with ATMs not having any cash? It's been going on, and getting worse here for a month at least now.

  29. that is just companies not wanting to hire enough workers to service them all

  30. There are Kurds that have called Erdogan an idiot, especially in Sweden. To send them back to Turkey, Turkey needs to give some proof that they have taken part in terrorism (other than called Erdogan an idiot). They aren't doing so, but still want them back. Which can't be done because without proof they're innocent. And one person they want has been dead for seven years

  31. no one in their right mind would invest in Alibaba after seeing what the Chinese government did to Jack Ma

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