1. Should get picked up by a big team like America soon

  2. At this point I don't care how shit this team is as long as we have everyone healthy. With so many injuries around the league all we can ask for is a shot.

  3. Imagine what this place would've been like today had we lost last night.

  4. Yup and I loved it! It was an experience especially bc I was one of the few non Mexicans. Glad I got out of my comfort zone and experienced the Mexican culture.

  5. That’s good to know 👍🏼 it wasn’t a super intense game but I enjoyed it as well even if I was part of the few Pachuca fans

  6. Repeatedly disturbing nesting birds can lead them to abandoning the nest and any eggs or chicks within. Mourning doves are pretty tolerant of people but ideally if possible I'd suggest using a different entrance to your house while they're nesting. Just to be safe. It takes about 2 weeks for their eggs to hatch and another 2 weeks for the babies to leave the nest. If scared the babies can end up leaving the nest too early which is best avoided because they have a lower chance of survival. It is normal for them to leave the nest before they're able to fly so don't panic if you see fully feathered babies on the ground. Their parents still feed them at that stage while they learn how to fly on the ground.

  7. What are they doing when they leave and comeback to the nest through out the day

  8. Since the stadium opened, I've always parked in the area between Hedding, Coleman and 880. The streets are Chestnut and Stockton. It's a bunch of businesses that are closed over the weekend. It's an easy 10/15 min walk over the bridge to the stadium. Also, leaving from that area after the game is a lot easier than messing with the paid parking lots.

  9. Ya that's where I parked to on Mckendrie. I wasn't sure about the area but it mostly looks industrial. Luckily my car wasn't broken into.

  10. The best place I’ve found is on Martin Avenue to the northwest of the stadium. It is a straightforward walk in about 13 minutes for me and free plus no signs that say no stadium parking.

  11. Seeing the amount of injuries pilling up in the league I'll take a shit healthy roster than not having a chance.

  12. Do the Warriors have the NBA record for biggest discrepancy between home and road losses?

  13. Can we not underestimate Andre's absence? He was putting it together before the injury.

  14. Man almost everybody in the 2019 final roster is out of the league now 🤣

  15. Ppl forget that cavs team in 2018 were HORRIBLE defensively, ranked second to last in the league that year, I believe 26th overall and still made it to the finals. I think will be ok.

  16. At this point I just want health seeing all the injuries around the league. Nothing worse than not having a full roster. At least when we stink there's a chance. An injury will add the element to "what if?"

  17. Best way to make them miss is to de-escalate or run if possible, but other than that it’s about positioning yourself where they can’t hit you, to the side or behind them, or outside of range.

  18. Ya I definitely don't want to get into a pound for pound battle with someone bigger no matter how good or not they are. Even if you do block punches properly from bigger guys will you still feel it ?

  19. A UFC lightweight will murder my 200lbs. But a UFC fighter that weighs 200lbs will murder the lightweight.

  20. Are they worth going to? No not really, they typically use reserves or academy players throughout the match and it sort of dulls the game. I used to go see Club America friendlies but it got sort of boring for me.

  21. Ok. I don't know any of the players anyways besides Chofis so it won't disappoint.

  22. San Jose local, anyone planning to tailgate? Anyone know what time the parking lot opens?

  23. They'll probably play some starters for the first half and an entirely different team in the second. Sub-plot: It will be interesting to see Chofis play against his former team. Enjoy!

  24. Kerr gets a lot of deserved and undeserved shit based on his personality, but all things considered, he is still a good college point guard.

  25. Is this mostly about Bosewell? I thought it was kinda random especially since Kerr only has one year left.

  26. Now I’ve heard zero rumor about him being linked to Duke and I’m certain he won’t end up here, but Kriisa already pisses off so many people that it’d be hilarious if it did happen

  27. Announcer said Emma's parents are too involved in her life and are holding her back. Is this true?

  28. Is this another loss that will be held against Emma? I think by now I should not have high expectations but I'm always hoping she breaks through.

  29. How disappointing of a loss is this for Emma or is Andreescu just too good?

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