1. 100% cpu is your problem, it starves the I/O needed for proper gpu util and high fps. With a 9700k, this shouldn't be from hunt alone, so it's probably another process hogging cycles.

  2. I don't think anything is running in background i removed everything i can. Only discord and hunt is runing everything else is using 0% cpu and some memori

  3. I never used bottleneck lite, and i dont have problems with UPS, but i assume lite wersiion is better for UPS . I play mostly quality of life mods around 30-50 mods.

  4. It shows everything when machines are ideal YELLOW ,not working "missing ingredients" RED,working GREEN and more there is settings you can change whenever you want.


  6. That's not a cheat i once disconnected from the game and spawn in the sky . My friend told me when i disconnected, i just kept running to the sky .

  7. I died from fall damage from this, this event. Reconnected and I feel like 10 stories.

  8. I usually use filters on spliters, and i consume everything, but if you have problems with consumption, u can filter them to chests and output on belts . If u have a belt coming from different ore patch priorities inserts from those mixed belts.

  9. My settings in the game are 10, and on pc are around 50.

  10. We could singlehandedly take those numbers to the top.

  11. With all productivity modules tir 3 and 8 beacons, u will nead around 33047 green circuits/minute around 12.3 blue belts . This is my assumption i used factorio calculator on my phone.

  12. Oh so you are not toxic are you. What makes you morally superior? same shitty argument i am trying to train leading with 300ms bullet right.

  13. In any game, u don't have a shooting range where there is a moving target. There are only targets that go right and left, noting that will run 100 meters waiting for you to take a shot.

  14. Find immolator shot him once, and he will start running simple.

  15. U want to start with 4 belts because undergrounds. U should leave some space if u want to expand. And if 4 blue belts of iron and copper plates isn't enough u can add more on opposite side. U should check Nilaus bas in book

  16. Good luck with your time first u know it's morning and second u know it's morning but next day .

  17. I usually build walls around my bas with belt of ammo feeding turrets and flame turrets expending as needed. U have everything close by iron,copper, coal and oil u can easily wall it in and start building your base. I usually play death world u only need few turrets and som flame turrets for your wall u dont need to put them close like in death world

  18. that would be pretty inefficient in this situation. that way you would just let the biters feed off of the pollution and evolve without doing anything about it. by the time you need to expand they would have gotten much stronger

  19. Yes in this case that would be more efficient but as i said i play on death world and there u can't expend without flame turrets or laser turrets. I find it's easier just to wall yourself in then wasting time to drive around killing them. Only when i need resources or space im going to kill them, when i get spidertron and artillery i go around and expand my wall.

  20. Im using Rate Calculator mod for easy calculations.

  21. You shouldn't be afraid they are mostly bush campers. They wait for good time to strike , for me that's not fun way to play. Best way to play for me, just hold shift and run everywhere, if someone shots at me first find cover and shot back if i die it doesn't matter. With that tactic i got 1.35 kd

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