1. ive met him many times and i tell you - its all an act! hes good at what he does but its always about PR for him

  2. For reference this movie was competed before the slap happened

  3. You know you’re in an entertainment sub, right?

  4. Nope. The movie dumbed down the source material substantially. Made it style-over-substance which is the opposite of what the graphic novel is.

  5. No violation of the law or terms of service? Yeah it’s not like he slandered people on a daily basis on there

  6. I posted a photo of someone parking like this, only it was a big pickup truck. Smh

  7. One time a user reposted a photo I took and got over 20k upvotes on it. But when I first posted it it only got about 200 :/

  8. Because there’s exactly a 0% chance they’d get away with it.

  9. That's why I dont buy games online. Go buy instore and if it's new and packaging has been removed then I'll tell them to get me an unopened one and for used games always look at bottom of disc before paying, I've never had problems buying games at gamestop so long as what I wanted was in stock.

  10. Actually that only happened to me when I bought from them in store. I stopped buying from them so it never happened again.

  11. So was it new and unopened? That would mean manufacturer put the wrong game in it somehow. If it was a alrdy opened case why didnt you pop it open to make sure it was correct before walking out?

  12. No it was used and they stupidly put the wrong disc in. This happened twice. Also I bought a number of “new” games that were not sealed. All of this happened from in store purchases.

  13. Lol I just bought this graphic novel from Amazon myself. I sure hope it’s a good one!

  14. Great movie. One of the classic comedies from my high school years. I still watch and quote it to this day.

  15. You must be lying. Those were actually taken today on Black Friday?!

  16. Yep—today!! I went exclusively to Columbus for this place 😂

  17. All thanks to those babies she’s been having for the sole purpose of staying out of prison. What a vile, horrid woman.

  18. The courts do not show leniency for all pregnant women. Check the stats. The U.S. loves making the same mistakes repeatedly for a selected portion of the population.

  19. Throwing a billion dollars at Monopoly money. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

  20. “Guys, my sister died one year and four months ago! Isn’t that hilarious?! Hahahahahaha”

  21. Yeah that movie is amazing. It deserves more recognition

  22. I don’t see why any country would want to host the FIFA World Cup. FIFA takes all the revenue and then some, resulting in a net loss of billions for the host country.

  23. Man of Steel and BvS were not true to the comics/characters. They’re DC movies by name only.

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