1. i’d probably agree but that 70s show’s use of the laugh track is probably one of the worst on all of television, second to big bang theory

  2. i dont think it's a laugh track, they filmed in front of a live studio audience

  3. She was bound to get her life ruined. Not his fault that she’s a doppelgänger.

  4. i think that every time i watch it. i watch stefan meet elena and i think NO LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE and then i remember that if he didn't meet than in less than a year she'd have Klaus come after her with no clue wtf is going on

  5. Also, Mikael knew about her when she was a baby. The Salvatores caused a lot of chaos in her life, but way more than what was supposed to happen. They were an addition to it.

  6. If the Salvatore's weren't in her life, she definitely would have died in the sun and moon ritual

  7. I love it when idiots say "Let me explain!" Explain what? Let me guess, you tripped and your dick fell into her? Like there is no explanation. A cheater is a selfish liar. That's it.

  8. i literally burst out laughing when he said "let me explain!" as if any words would help him in this situation💀

  9. this is not quite possible with me. but im applying to medical schools right now so if all goes to plan next year this time i will be moved to a different state

  10. It’s like the writers didn’t know what to do with them once they were a couple. They wanted them as a couple, but once they got it they didn’t know what kind of couple to make them so they just came out as a messy, toxic, crap shoot of a couple that did nothing but have sex and fight. Don’t get me wrong the sex scenes were hot, but like why would Damon give up eternity to fight with Elena and why would Elena want to waste her life fighting with Damon all the time. Maybe I’m biased growing up in a house with parents who always fought sucked the life out of me so 🤷‍♀️

  11. most of their fights were about damon being a bad guy, so im guessing a human relationship would work out better with him not being able to easily kill people

  12. if everyone in the cast held grudges, they wouldn't be friends with each other at all and there would be no show

  13. i loved this dress, but like where the fuck did it come from!!! like how they just pull out random ball gowns out of their ordinary ass closets

  14. considering she then accepted an engagement ring from him like a year later, no, i don't agree. shes so stupid sometimes lmao

  15. Probably because Stefan is the main character and he's talked about way more and his story is shown??? Katherine turning the Salvatores was a huge highlight of the show, ofc I'm gonna remember that.

  16. yes and i saw no problem with it, but then u claimed you werent talking about him?? is everything okay in your head??

  17. you talked about him first? then we moved the convo onto damon and i thought we were over talking about stefan and i didn't mention him after that lmao

  18. he didnt become a villian on his own. just like stefan didn't.

  19. I dislike Elena (sometimes) because of the pitty party that is constantly thrown for her. Yes, she has a right to be sad she lost so many loved ones BUT WHO HASNT?????? they all did. It’s annoying. Also, she has constantly gotten people killed, put in danger, or had her friends lose people they care about because SHE NEVER LISTENS, and has to constantly ignore everyone around her to do things HER WAY which is never the way anything should be done because of what I said above. So many people in her life suffered because OF HER and she’s the one that is constantly playing victim. The people around her are constantly putting themselves in life or death situations to save her, to help her, they’re constantly loosing people in the process but somehow she’s the one that people should feel bad for? It just makes no sense and is frustrating to watch, especially seeing all the hurt every other character is facing.

  20. regarding your first sentence, i dont think you can blame her for the pity party. everyone else was just hell bent on putting elena above themselves which made me annoyed with those characters because why???

  21. only time i really found Elena annoying was when she was a new vampire before she turned off her humanity

  22. Donna tryna force and guilt Jackie about Kelso when she started dating Hyde, and not helping her out when Jackie would try to cover it up

  23. NTA. if your sister is so distraught over it, she can give the money back.

  24. I thought her hair was naturally red

  25. it is, but Laura has been dying her hair black for awhile now

  26. NTA, but for the love of god she needs to stop giving that man her phone lmao

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