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  1. What did they do, put a bike pump in her ear and go to town? Lmao

  2. Barbarian, then X, then The Black Phone for me. Above all 3 though is Pearl 😇

  3. Idk if I’d rank it above Barbarian personally but Pearl was SO good. That monologue… phew.

  4. X is great, Barbarians pretty good, Black Phone was really disappointing.

  5. My whole review of this movie was “everything was wasted. Daughters a psychic? Nothing. Ghost mom? Nothing. Abusive dad? Nothing. Ghost kids? Nothing. Ethan Hawkes backstory? Nothing. This movie teases you with a better movie at nearly every turn.

  6. My man you do know Christmas doesn’t last the entirety of winter? Lmao

  7. Yeah because they have to deal with people like you lmao

  8. Used to have coworkers like that. Just show up whenever for a shift, doesn’t matter if they’re two hours late and relieving somebody of duty. Gotta put on too much cologne and jewelry before ushering at the movie theater, I get it.

  9. This is the stupidest Christmas Decoration I’ve ever seen lol

  10. Love The Celebration, but BtW isn’t Dogme, even though it is also a great film.

  11. eBay like the other commenter said, but you might find some buyers turned off by high shipping times and costs since you’re in Japan.

  12. Deep Red, Tenebrae, and Suspiria are my other favorites. Can’t beat Argento if you ask me!

  13. This is my dream. My SO can eat like 5 Cheetos and then she’s full, so I don’t have anybody to help me ever. Haven’t gotten to do this in SO long.

  14. Bruh I wish! We’ve been on dating apps since June trying to get a date for us, people really don’t seem as open to it as I expected them to be based on the internet lmao. One of the classic blunders.

  15. Dating apps are hard. When I used them, I avoided couple profiles in general, because it usually seemed like it was just a couple looking for a threesome. That could be what's happening to you. I hope you find someone!

  16. We’ve tried to be clear in our bio that’s not what we’re looking for! Just someone to hang out with. Who knows, we’re not taking it personally. We have each other and we’re aware how awesome we are so it doesn’t get us TOO down most of the time

  17. This is not a joke but I didn’t even like Wall-E when I was in elementary/middle school, neither did my parents. We all left that movie theater very disappointed, first time I remember that happening in my life actually.

  18. Tbh, I was a teen when i saw wall e first time, was kinda ehh towards it. Fastforward to my mid 20s when i caught it again and loved it. Now I'm 30 and its top tier Pixar for me.

  19. That’s what I’ve heard! I think I’m gonna watch it again soon

  20. Of course you idiot, I’m just trolling and wasting your time while I wait for my brunch to come out 😂😂

  21. Lmao ok hope the weed withdrawals don’t ruin it

  22. They couldn’t possibly, we smoked before we got here. My barbacoa omelette is here, thanks for the free before meal entertainment!

  23. “I don’t see how they’re that disconnected” one is a personal medical decision. The other is terrorism. Hope that made it clear for you lmao

  24. Why don’t you shut up and take some more cough medicine you fucking junkie lmao

  25. Okay lol. Nice to see it got through to you

  26. Leave it to an addict to defend destroying your body for a “personal choice”

  27. Could be a QOTSA logo tattoo? Google that maybe

  28. I just can’t believe I live in a world where both came out the same year. Unreal. I feel so lucky.

  29. I'm literally watching Lost Highway as a type. Just jump right in. It's phenomenal. Very Lynch, definitely not his darkest, but it definitely is dark in its own way.

  30. I’m more just intimidated. Is it as confusing as I’ve often heard from people?

  31. Mulholland, Twin Peaks Season 1 and Fire Walk With Me, and Blue Velvet. Didn’t really “get” twin peaks but I bet I’d love it now.

  32. Literally the movie her movie is BASED ON has sever female leads

  33. Who even is this? Is this one of those real housewives?

  34. Yeah see I must’ve gotten lucky cuz I have the ADHD type where I never studied or did homework but still aced all the tests. I miss high school, but only in the way that it was the last time off my life I could slack off without consequences, pandemic not included. I also think I might have autism instead of ADHD but I could never afford to find out what the difference was.

  35. I’ve stopped watching entirely. I didn’t even enjoy the new Spider-Man. I know the cameos were fun but god it was so predictable and childish. Everything’s gone so downhill this phase, I can’t seem to care about any of the characters, at all.

  36. I was game until “reason 3,” also the whiteboard didn’t need to be involved in all of them, not a very good bit.

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