1. Well, I'm 34, have a masters degree, and live with my mom. I still break even every month so...

  2. Heavily depends on what masters degree it is

  3. Ich hab ~3k Netto auf dem Konto und muss es mir aber mit noch einer Personen teilen. Also 1,5k Äquivalenz?

  4. Macht auch einen Unterschied ob die 2te Person ein Kind ist oder ein Partner

  5. Top 10% bei 10k netto in der Schweiz? Kommt mir wenig vor für top 10%.

  6. Eben, 10k als Haushalt sind sicher keine top 10%

  7. You just have to buy enough 😂

  8. I paid 57k out the door for mine a year ago tomorrow. I wouldn't trade it for a brand new one. LR AWD has lower range, and none of the models have USS anymore. They all use vision-based proximity detection. What I have now is accurate to the inch.

  9. I wouldn‘t spend 5k+ on USS though.

  10. Try supporting the current kickstarter. By pledging you get 50% off of accessories.


  12. I’m sorry they didn’t explain fully, your honor.

  13. They even told that they didn‘t cheat in their subject, can‘t be that hard

  14. Thanks guys! Ordered a Minichamp, seems to fit the bill 🙂

  15. Buy a house instead of renting, then the seller has to pay the agency. Easy. 😂

  16. We’re looking to sell soon and no way José will we pay tens of thousands for that service.

  17. Are they allowed to swap their TT bike for a climbing bike at the beginning of the slope?

  18. I feel your pain, my Wife bought me a beautiful dress watch several years ago. Never left my wrist until I bought my Garmin. Now it mostly sits in my glass cabinet where it gets sunlight to keep it running (Citizen Eco drive) but not any wrist attention. I don't really do formal occasions much, so I don't have many reasons to wear it and when I do I miss the smart features of my Fenix.

  19. Exactly. My wife bought me a Breitling and it never gets wrist time…

  20. Good to know, but I’d like it all. Have a FR965 right now. Would like something with the same sensors but without the face for the times I’d like to wear an old, analog watch, but with continuity of data.

  21. It's funny if I ever won the lottery im the kind of guy who would put 90% of my winnings aside say 69/70m use the last 1m to pay off my house (300k) and just have around to live off for a bit while still working I would just never touch the rest of the money unless absolutely necessary and keep working in my current job until my body/mind no longer allow me to do so despite not needing the income.

  22. Why don‘t you use it with bluetooth? I guess using it wired won‘t improve the sound quality as it isn‘t a audiophile grade headphone.

  23. I can jog in the APP2s. Couldn’t do that with the 1s. So yeah, they do somehow stay in better and I’m using stock tips

  24. Thanks a lot. Which size of tips do you use?

  25. I use medium in my left and small in my right. Xs sometimes in my right but the seal isn’t quite as good. Make sure you insert and turn the stem up towards your cheek

  26. yup it’s a subtle but pernicious creep. that new SUV? 46K. Rehab the deck? $20K. Need to redo the gutters with heat tape to prevent ice damming? Another 7K. Shit adds up quick.

  27. new suv at 46k sounds cheap

  28. Prices have not come down. What is he on? Or is he talking about energy

  29. its not about prices coming down, but about prices going up slower

  30. I prefer a 2.5% index compared to no index and a 1% increase :-D

  31. Das spielt doch bei der Langlebigkeit keine Rolle

  32. Deine Frage war was an der Kiste R ist

  33. Mal das teurere Gericht, mal souvenirs oder Klamotten. So groß war der u zerschneid nicjt

  34. Trennt ihr wirklich die Rechnung im Restaurant?

  35. Das kommt drauf an, ob ich Sie einlade. Aber in der Regel, klar?

  36. Frage nur. Bei uns wird alles aus der Haushaltskasse bezahlt, finde es persönlich etwas kleinlich so genau hinzuschauen wer jetzt das teurere Gericht oder das teurere Cocktail hatte. aber nur meine Meinung

  37. The discontinued 600 rollerball pen will fit the Pilot-style G2 SXR-10 or SXR-7.

  38. Thanks. It's a ballpoint, so I have to look at Parker G2 compatible refills... I think the SXR-600 is not available here unfortunately. Do you have maybe any other recommendations?

  39. Meine Herangehensweise ist: Regel 1. Schulden Tilgen wenn die Zinsen>durchschnittlicher Gewinn der Anlagen ist. Aktuell habe ich ein paar Hypotheken mit 1.3%p.a. Die lasse ich.

  40. Wie genau begründest du deine Regel 2?

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