1. But don't let it be a black and a white one

  2. I’m familiar with IS, but WAP and GS hold rather different connotations in my experience.

  3. the Islamic States of Wet Ass Pussy and Goldman Sachs will not be defamed so lightly, sir and/or madam

  4. reminds me of the tank from Fuga: Melodies of Steel

  5. Kirby Smart has a secret, illegitimate child with the owner of a local Sport Clips and that's why his hair is like that

  6. bro who do you think invented incognito mode? That's like a yellow highlighter for god

  7. if god wants to see feet pics, then they're welcome to look over my shoulder

  8. Isaiah Crowell, now that's a name I haven't heard in a while.

  9. We can't replace the building if it burns, so I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.

  10. I am pretty sure someone can figure out how to stack up a bunch of bricks and wood on that corner if necessary

  11. Historical wise sure, but mechanics wise then a monarchists revolt against a democracy when the majority of the world is still monarchist should generate infamy too

  12. heresy, delete all ports as penance

  13. I'd recommend the official tutorial:

  14. You know if you squint a little, I think Stetson Bennett kinda looks like Vince Young

  15. Stetson Bennett, more like Vince Old lol

  16. I switched to bourbon when he did……

  17. Missed PAT? come on guys don't let em back in the game

  18. Georgia scored like 8 minutes ago and we’re just now restarting play

  19. General panic about ad sales kicking in

  20. I love dipping toasty little bits of bread into sultan's yolk

  21. Not the Django source code, I want to know if I can reuse my actual software source code from my software with the new Django App website doing the same.

  22. If I'm understanding what you mean: yes. Perhaps your class could be a mixin for a django model, or manager.

  23. Ok so that means I can use my actual code with some changes into Django. Is there an estimate about how much?.

  24. I would encourage you to try writing whatever it is you're thinking about writing. It'll become apparent.

  25. I wasn't attacking UGA but that's cool. Seems like you're pretty bitter about it for some reason.

  26. Yeah, it's shit tier. You're second to your in-state rival and that's the best thing your program has going for it.

  27. Compare Auburn to UGA then. Who is winning the series? Who has a legit national title this century, and who has - as Newton so famously said- an "ongoing investigation?"

  28. I’ve not heard of the term astroturf in this context. What does this mean?

  29. Using social media and reviews to make it seem like there is more individual support for a thing than truly exists. Think about what "grassroots campaign" means, then imagine an artificial corpo version.

  30. It must have been a pretty weak wine to have a kid not go "dads juice is gross" and end it after the first sip imo. I mean i hear of kids drinking cans of beer i guess but even as an adult i have not acquired the taste for it and couldn't immagine having it immediately as a kid.

  31. When I was about five I mistook grandpa's Scotch for apple juice. I killed a glass in two swigs, said "not bad" and slept for like 16 hours.

  32. Burger Win - curry chicken fried rice. It is a revelation. AND if you get to know the drivers, they will deliver beer and stuff from the gas station they are connected to.

  33. This is both accurate and peak Atlanta

  34. Boiled peanuts and frog leg casserole

  35. ESPN 30 for 30: How 3 Hamburgers Lead to Denver

  36. Burgers, To Go -- The Harbaugh Story

  37. It also goes to show how sports fans can put aside their rivalries and come together when it matters most.

  38. We all temporarily love the dodgers for punting Bauer

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