1. Get Ride with GPS and look at routes that start from Three Creeks Metro Park at 3860 Bixby Rd and from the Hite Center at 150 W Main in New Albany. You will find some hills east of Columbus (Red Bank, Slough, Lithopolis) and almost none at all to the west.

  2. Second the RWGPS app. It has a crowdsourced "heatmap" of where others have ridden

  3. Just buy a new button, it's prob like $20. You could always add My Q also. But I would always have a manual way to open the door also.

  4. re: CMH location... get a breakfast sandwich after a lap dance across the street. In seriousness, gas there was 20 cents cheaper last weekend than the Sunoco just north and 10 cents cheaper than the Giant Eagle further north on Stelzer. I assume that was for the opening and will not be the usual.

  5. Start training for Pelotonia in August. Registration opened this week!

  6. Wife and I were driving through an area of Columbus we used to live (stelzer road between Easton and the airport) and drove through our old apartment complex. We live there from 2013-2014 and paid $780 for 2Bd 1Bath. Now they rent for $1000-$1500 based on upgrades.

  7. I did not know about that site. Thanks! Sadly not available.

  8. Have you tried any treatment? Social anxiety ruined half my life. School was a nightmare that was only numbed by drug use and I eventually dropped out of high school. I met my current wife when I was 31 years old and she suggested trying Zoloft. 9 years later I own my own successful business and social anxiety is all but gone. I can’t believe my parents didn’t bother to do anything to help when I’d get migraines and puke because of a school speech…every single time. I’d prepare speeches and then say I didn’t do it just so I wouldn’t have to stand in front of the class.

  9. Third this. I got help from a counselor then medication this year and it has really helped.

  10. I have the same wallet case, but use it rarely. I'm rocking the Rugged Armor for daily. My ocd side is looking at the pic, and the G logo looks a little off-center to me lol but looks good, to each their own.

  11. It is off center. Sigh...Unfortunately I only have 1 skin and the slide was not centered to begin with. Measure twice cut once? Yea...

  12. I'm in doubt between the Ultra Hybrid in Crystal Clear or black. Nowadays the crystal cases still turn yellow and dirty after some time? FYI, my pixel is black.

  13. I would tend toward the black hybrid since your phone is black. I have the almost sunny which let's the color show through but I have seen the crystal clear on a black pixel 6 and the black/gray looks muted thru the case.

  14. Do you know how many credit cards can fit in that? I would like to have 2 Credits cards + drivers license. Is it possible?

  15. Just tested it with my Pixel 4 XL inside the case (a good enough substitute for the Pixel 6 Pro from a size perspective). The answer is 3 cards if all are flat. Otherwise 2 cards max if one or more has embossed (raised) text like most older credit cards. I tested with 1 metal and 2 plastic CCs (all flat) and all 3 fit perfectly together.

  16. I am but the other members of my household do not and if I'm the last one to bed I don't always have my phone on me so I end up opening the door and checking so I don't have to come back downstairs.

  17. Yeah, I'm a little reticent to out it straight on the phone itself, but might end up sucking it up and knowing I'll have to clean it off later

  18. Buy a dbrand back then apply the ring to the skin?

  19. I'm disappointed that they didn't have at least the 256gb option for the Sorta Sunny. Still undecided if I should just deal with the 128gb (which realistically should be enough for my needs), or just get the 256gb in boring black.

  20. I bit the bullet on 128 Sorta Sunny. I have a 128 Pixel 4 XL now and it's been at 50-60% full/empty for 2 years. You'll be good...

  21. I also went with sorta sunny. The pictures give me 70s vibes with the color and I was feeling it for some reason.

  22. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear. Let those colors shine through!

  23. Considering Delaware county is the most vaccinated county in the state, I doubt there will be many.

  24. "Deterrent Lock for Bicycles, Motorcycles, Scooters, and Mopeds | Skunk Lock"

  25. If it makes a theft think twice that's enough.

  26. Wife is a nurse / NP. Based on her stories, I would never recommend anyone to work at OSU. I routinely hear nurses talk about being put in situations that make them fear for their nursing license.

  27. I’ve dealt with anxiety for over 15 years. For me, cutting out caffeine, proper dose of an ssri, and being open with people about my anxiety really helped.

  28. I have been struggling and wonder if caffeine is making it worse. I have been trying to cut back long term but in the short term I have medium to high intake. Multiple comments mention ssri - is this a good med to start out on?

  29. Kinda pointless unless you compare it to what they said about the pixel 3's camera.

  30. CR: "Camera: Rear image quality: Very Good" about the Pixel 3 XL

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