1. Has @teamelite confirmed this. As it’s his house lol.

  2. I feel like people post this for click bait haha, there’s a million bad reviews

  3. So here’s the thing…LL and anyone else like her share what they want us to see and talk about. Which is why the discussions are always regarding Aldo. As a result, it’s representing her as an athlete and painting a negative image of LL. Now, if she were like Ashley K, phoebe, etc., or like most male BB, then she’d be posting more of her progress, physique, all that. But she doesn’t. She just seems all over the place now, unstable, dependent…and honestly, I’m annoyed because I’m a fan of her and she is probably the bikini girl with the most potential.

  4. But the question is why does that matter when it comes to winning the show?

  5. But does it? We have no idea if it impacts the judging at all 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. What I mean is, if she’s all “over the place” but has the most potential (quoting previous poster), why would someone not support her. I’m not talking about the judges, I’m talking about people who say that they aren’t supporting someone cos they aren’t the “best rep of the sport.”

  7. Well i think James is a good coach besides his shitty personality, so i hope its going to be good for her

  8. Besides his shitty personality, his running girls into the ground, all the allegations, the faking being a lawyer, the being banned from coaching in a Canadian federation. But yeah he’s a good coach …. Lol

  9. Update I took some to the airport to put in my suitcase and it fell out in the taxi so I feel like that was a sign not to travel with it haha. I have definitely got a really good natural looking tan from it - have never been so comfortable on holiday and not felt like I had to put fake tan on. Before I left (Friday) I had 500mcg but nothing since.

  10. I kinda feel for her. She seems to be really hurt; broken… it seems like she truly loves the sport but her genetics (or training preferences?) doesn’t allow to get any further.

  11. But I don’t think she tries to adapt to the criteria

  12. She posted a screenshot of her coach saying to her that her glutes need to be fat free, guessing that’s why.

  13. Okay, good. Using it for a few days with 1000 mcg per dose and don’t have significant side effects.

  14. UV Index is what matters. I made the switch to sunbeds as it’s far easier to control accurate dosage with the British weather. I would consider replacing a session with equal time out in the sun if the weather is right though

  15. Woop who would have thought UV index is high. Thanks both

  16. It’s hard for me to root for Atlas athletes. Kerry Sexton is not even in the top 5. I feel badly for her.

  17. What is 25mcg in ml cos I cannot get my head round the maths haha

  18. I don’t know many of these names, but I hope Kerry wins. I thought she was a UK girl.

  19. I really really don’t like Cassie hunters look. I hope Kerry wins!

  20. Why? Ashley is quality control. These girls are going to see her at the O anyway. Why not get the exposure now.

  21. I don’t mind her being “quality control” (that’s defo a quote from team atlas haha) but it’s pretty boring watching a show thinking that she’s very likely to win every time.

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