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  1. GDI I just bought Olli Olli World for Switch.

  2. The only way a US citizen can sponsor a foreign domestic worker for a visa is if :

  3. Are immigration lawyer?

  4. No, but I spent over a year studying US immigration law. My wife is from Vietnam. I handled the immigration process for her and two of her kids myself. I filed the petition for her K1 visa. I prepared the visa applications for the US Consulate in Saigon. I waited outside the Consulate when they had their visa interview (US citizen sponsors weren't allowed to accompany beneficiaries into the Consulate back then). After they came to the US and we got married then I prepared and submitted their applications to adjust status and get green cards. While we were waiting I submitted their Social Security number and temporary work authorization document applications. After we'd been married for two years I prepared and submitted her application to remove conditions, and get a 10 year green card. And when she was ready to apply for US citizenship I helped her prepare and submit her application, and study for the citizenship exam and interview. Once she became a US citizen I helped her submit a petition for an F3 visa for her remaining daughter, who is married and living in Vietnam, to come to the US with her husband and children.

  5. Oh cool. I'm considering filing for citizenship myself. Already have a green card. Mostly hemming and hawing because of how involved it is.

  6. Tbf, I've seen this with new Porsches. But it's rare.

  7. No. Soon, I will be able to charge regularly at home (moving from apartment to house). And I really love Room Mode, putting it to good use.

  8. Room mode is for camping mostly right?

  9. She called him an old man that no one wants to see.

  10. It was hilarious! Definitely the content I wanted to see.

  11. "It’s unclear how the child ended up in the grave. It’s possible that the child was caring for the animals, but what’s more perplexing is that the child was discovered with a linen bag on their head."

  12. Why can't this color come over to the US?

  13. Looks like Manhattan Beach, CA.

  14. Where are those speaker stands from?

  15. I evaluated both quite extensively, and chose the R4P. This is after comparing a lot of features and watching every review video I could find of both models.

  16. Thanks. Adding these here just because I was looking them up (in case anyone finds them helpful):

  17. There are a bunch of methods, but the easiest is to add sound deadening materials to the doors and body panels, followed up by a layer of insulation. I did some of it when upgrading the SE speakers, but I need to spend some more time. It really needs insulation since I can still feel the cold on the interior plastic panels.

  18. When you say "some people have gone all-out" are you referring to posters in RAV4 Prime forums? I'm looking into this with my 2023 R4P and haven't found much info. Thanks in advance.

  19. $2895 above msrp which includes tinted windows, anti-theft and a plug.

  20. That's not bad at all! Congrats!

  21. Thx, crossing fingers that it’s here on time and the dealer stays true to their word.

  22. What city/state is the dealership in?


  24. Yep! It's a tiny magnet/sculpture of one of my dogs, Tako. Not in the cup holder though. It's attached to the vent.

  25. It’s a bummer nobody is passing it along. Great mats though.

  26. Something tells me the company isn't sending out discount promo codes anymore.

  27. RBW and and Westworld? Wow. Any guess on when this is happening? Guess I better get caught up on both.

  28. As far as I know... BOTH shows have already been taken off the air, and you can no longer watch them on their streaming service. Or anywhere.

  29. No, they're both there. I'll probably watch them before Jan 1, 2023 just to be safe.

  30. I recently purchased a set and have not seen any discount code. Possibly they discontinued it?

  31. Just the info I was looking for! Thanks for that. What did you end up doing? Return?

  32. Yeah. I returned it. It was just this past week so I haven’t figured out what brand of cargo liner to get instead. I currently have the OEM carpet mats, but want something mud/waterproof back there.

  33. If you figure out a good brand that fits the subwoofer, let me know! I also have the XSE with PP. Thanks!

  34. Universal citywalk and TCL Chinese Theater are always my go to for IMAX.

  35. Is TCL Chinese Theater also 1.43?

  36. Thanks for the idea - TuxMats shipped today.

  37. Can you let me know how you felt the fit was? And do you have a discount code or know if they run any sales? I want to get the cargo liner but am worried that the subwoofer will not fit it (I have the subwoofer from the XSE/PP trim on the 2023).

  38. I'm happy with the TuxMats. Fit is good. They are wearing well. No idea about discount code.

  39. Yours are front, rear, and cargo liner?

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