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  1. That's what I don't like about RVR, Mike's constant stupid business decisions get frustrating to watch though he's a good mechanic and a good person and I like the show generally

  2. Surely they’re doing ok with Netflix being involved? Always seems like the money thing is just a gimmick, same with Gotham garage

  3. My physics professor grandfather explained this to me when I was like 9, and now I feel totally justified in my zipping past traffic in the open lane

  4. Yes, very much this. If you go to a club or anywhere there is loud music wear ear plugs. There are cheap foam ones but also upper-end ones which musicians use.

  5. That’s not entirely true. Listening to prolonged sound above 90dB is damaging. I believe it’s like 2-3 hours at 90, and then half as long for every additional 5dB or something along those lines.

  6. But if the bill manages to pass, take credit for it even though you fought it and voted against it.

  7. And if it fails (like this one) blame the dems for voting against relief for Floridians

  8. Idk I always thought Jackson pollock was a pretentious douche until I saw his pieces in person and kinda got it. This idk if I’d have the same feeling

  9. See I think Pollack was truly doing modern art and doing something nobody had done while still employing skills like color theory and composition. Even the giant square guy (Rothko) does that, but this feels really lazy.

  10. Whiskey, sugar syrup, bitters, smoked orange peel. It’s an old fashioned, though the smoked orange peels are a twist. Note: somebody below said Manhattan - those aren’t smoked orange peels but cinnamon, and the second ingredient isn’t sugar syrup but vermouth - that may true.

  11. Manhattans aren’t served over ice typically, and not in that glass. I think that’s just soaked wood chips for smoke, and there’s probably orange bitters plus angostura bitters. Old Fashioned

  12. Something tells me there’s more to this story. Like they had already broached some Dom/sub topics? Seems so far out of left field otherwise

  13. I mean maybe OPs bio has some Dom stuff which is why he sent this? And maybe she’s down 🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. Unitarian Universalist are generally extremely accepting of anyone. The church that was tagged has a section about social justice and lgbtq rights on their website. They know they were likely targeted by right wingers because of those views.

  15. I grew up in a Unitarian church, they are extremely liberal for being considered Christian. We had an LGBT pastor and very diverse congregation

  16. Eh, I don’t think we need a bunch of accidental *art style subs. This can be a place that catches a wide array of modern photography that calls back to classical painting styles and that’s perfectly ok. Is it all renaissance specifcally? No, but does anyone really care that much? Also hopefully No

  17. What? Why would they, they support over turning roe v wade

  18. Sorry for the dumb question - but I just tuned in - what happened to Tua?

  19. Got knocked out on a sack, fencing response, looked pretty bad

  20. Guys should not have been playing, also how is that not a flag lol

  21. To add: Lizzo is a classically trained flautist and majored in it in college.

  22. But she doesn’t LOOK like what I EXPECT a classically trained flautist to look like! And that makes me MAD

  23. Aren’t alligators known for their complete lack of emotion?

  24. Yep. It’s a very common play in the fascist playbook. What gets me is that they honestly think doing this makes them smart, savvy and—most importantly—correct. Like, no. Ignoring evidence that’s irrefutable makes you look like a dumb sheep.

  25. Reminds me of these dumb arguments I got in on Reddit about the second amendment, and inevitably they would just start yelling “BAD FAITH” and think they won the debate

  26. Universal Basic Income is insane. 300 years ago, if you didn’t work, you just died… now people complaining that they have to work 40 hours per week to live the most comfortable existence in human history

  27. We may have a lot of amenities, but life before the Industrial Revolution had its own value. Things were vastly simpler. Between social media, internet, constantly being barraged with advertising, fluorescent unnatural lights, air pollution, grind culture, travel culture it’s not exactly relaxing to exist in 2022.

  28. I'd like to believe your stats but I doubt there's a solid source for that. I never had a problem with the LBG community but never can believe all the other nonsense. I feel like it set their community back decades after making so much progress with most of society accepting them.

  29. I think it’s easy to take the “sjw cringe loud blue haired trans woman” stereotype and attach that to every trans person, but the fact is the same thing happened with LGB folks until it was more widely inclusive and people realized that they interact with gay people all the time without even knowing. Same is true with Trans. The vast majority are just trying to live there lives to the fullest. Yes there are some whackos that leave a bad taste in your mouth, but realistically that is no where near the majority

  30. On the other hand, this site is user driven, people are upvoting and giving the awards so clearly the community is ok with it 🤷🏼‍♂️

  31. Now the question is: If 2000 people see a post and 3 people give an award, is that really representative of the community? People that are used to a more humerous parody-like approach to the

  32. I’m just playing devils advocate, I don’t enjoy posts like that, but the OP screenshot has SO MANY awards, that’s a lot more than 3. Where do you draw the line? Idk, but downvoting is and always has been the tool for determining unwanted content so if people hate it and scroll past without downvoting that’s on them

  33. This reinforces my fear of crawling through tight narrow spaces until it becomes too tight to continue through and you get stuck and can’t move forward anymore or backwards.

  34. That one fucked up manga about the human sized holes in the cliff face that people walk into

  35. Basically designed for the lack of aliasing and edge sharpness, it’s how all things should be done. The context through which you perceive is what matters more than what is actually being perceived.

  36. I'm not sure that attempts at eldritch horror get it "wrong" out of ignorance, however. A writer can look at this seemingly quite difficult objective and conclude that they're not up to task, and so choose to tackle something adjacent and achievable.

  37. The very idea of writing about something that is beyond our comprehension is already problematic!

  38. I started learning to drive around that age, but not on real streets

  39. It’s survivor bias. You don’t see the ones that get hit without dashcams because well… they don’t have dashcams….

  40. Also no one is posting their dashcam footage of nothing happening

  41. This looks just like a park in oak park, Chicago that I used to play on

  42. Vanderbilt and Emory University are basically the Harvard & Yale of the South, pretty much.

  43. Vanderbilt isn’t a clinic, it’s a whole ass private university. And not a super small one either, from what I understand. If this is libel, they should absolutely have the resources to go after Matt Walsh

  44. It’s also one of the top medical schools/hospital networks in the country

  45. Perfect eclipses will turn out to be a necessary precondition for life

  46. Well in the sense that we live in the right habitable zone distance from the sun, and that we needed a large enough singular moon for tides and things which may have had a hand in early life development, then yes it could be that that ratio winds up to be pretty close for habitable planets in general

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