1. It needs better marketing. The most heavily shown use case so far is making GPT write code (which in my experience it's not great at - it'll give you the outline of a solution if you're completely stuck, but it'll also very confidently spew implementations that take more time fixing than if you wrote them from scratch), but it excels more in my experience at education. Want to teach kids about life in the Middle Ages? You can throw facts at them, or you can prime the bot to pretend to be a 14th century peasant and let them go wild asking questions.

  2. The US is also a large and diverse area. You generalize us, we get to generalize you.

  3. Have you ever lived in another country for a time? I think you'd find that the US isn't near as diverse as you'd think.

  4. I would also like to say that Krakens can be killed instantly if they fall through a grate in the floor

  5. Doesn't always save you, though. It's entirely possible to surge onto the grate and get a trade before you fall.

  6. OP, I would suggest something along the lines of [REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED] [REMOVED BY REDDIT]

  7. If money's actually coming in sure.. but the idea of keeping it going because they are "already invested" is the direct opposite of most modern Agile methodology's teachings.

  8. Why is he even allowed limited access? Fucker should be locked up in a Faraday cage.

  9. I really thought Linux would be hard to use until I started actually using it. It has been a. Genuinely less frustrating experience than windows for me

  10. Yeah, if you have even the tiniest amount of baseline technical competency, modern Linux is (well, can be, depending on distro and hardware) pretty plug-and-play.

  11. i really do wonder if people actually think they're interesting enough to have governments spying on them

  12. ... Until Snowden happened, the NSA was seriously attempting to decrypt and monitor vast amounts of Internet traffic.

  13. I'm a 'butter', but I come here for the counter opinions because ultimately I know capitalism is bad and I'd rather see a world where money doesnt need to exist.

  14. For whatever reason, long inserters aren't available in this tutorial scenario 🤷‍♂️

  15. Using both furnace stacks and a main bus as a new player is impressive.

  16. Silvergate employees probably realizing their financial documents are equivalent to an ourcrimes.txt

  17. Also, slot some sub power up! The QSJ boost is amazing - 1 main + 1 sub gets you roughly the same effect as a QSJ pure! (That's 1.3s -> 0.56 charge, plus 0.10s less time in transit.)

  18. I’m always confused here. Is it sub power up or QSJ that one should be running with beakon?

  19. Sub power up. It grants the effects of QSJ to anyone jumping to one of your beakons.

  20. Haven't heard of Casey before, but he strikes me as the type of guy to waste hours optimizing a one-off routine to save a few hundred microseconds...

  21. Branches don't kill speed unless they are hard to predict.

  22. As a Singaporean, I think this is one of the most misrepresented cases in the US. I always add this when I see it:

  23. It's Uber dumb because E-liter's enormous ass hitbox doesn't give a shit what you hide behind half the time. If they even see a glimpse of your hitbox it will kill you.

  24. Yeah, I always get tilted when an E-Liter shot fucking phases through the tower pole and annihilates me, even if I'm on the exact opposite side from the laser... it makes it stupidly easy for an E-Liter to non-stop cheese the tower from half the map away.

  25. Bashing out the last few rendering features in my SQLite-based static site generator and server. Once that's done I can start working on fleshing out the "server" part beyond a hundred or so lines of questionable Axum code.

  26. Microsoft REST APIs: "Why return 80 lines of well-formatted JSON when we can return 800 lines of bullshit? Also, hide that important field three levels deep in a nested data structure. Developers LOVE that!"

  27. For something as simple as simulated cell replication (which I assume boils down to a handful of copies?) threading is probably going to be a net loss. Once the two copies are made, you'll likely end up synchronizing both threads so you can safely stick the new cells into some data structure - and doing that is going to take far more time than just making two copies sequentially on the main thread.

  28. Sure it wasn't for everyone but poor marketing was the main reason. I know Reddit hates cloud gaming because they actually think they own software but for people like me we wanted to avoid having to pay high costs for new hardware just to play a couple games.

  29. So people want to pirate and get angry when they can't?

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