1. That one always bothered me because I totally remember it around 2012-13 lol. And I never played Bitlife..

  2. @Jbunzie, another beauty creator made a reply to the Mikayla video going around. Her video was very honest and well spoken IMO, and ultimately asked Mikayla and other influencers to be more humble.

  3. La Ronde is the first thing that came to mind. The food is completely average and I guess acceptable, but the prices simply do not reflect that. The views aren't as compelling as they would lead you to believe, and the neighbourhood isn't the nicest or easiest to visit. I've had many out of town friends fall for this one only to later bemoan it.

  4. Agree on all them, especially Pampa. Heard so much praise about them, finally went and got severe food poisoning. Literally never again.

  5. Yeah she’s a hardcore terf. 😒 She’s talked about her really shitty beliefs out of costume on one of her dozen alts.

  6. It is brutal out there. No one has respect for seniors when the bus is that crowded either in my experience. I had to shout from the very back that they could take my seat before someone gave up theirs at the front. I do a mix of bus and LRT and both have been packed. I think the economy and back to school has really driven ridership to the sky.

  7. I’ve noticed a lack of bus etiquette during my rides lately as well. Seen seniors and those visibly disabled struggling to find places to sit; people in the front seats won’t get up anymore. It’s not every bus, but I’ve seen it too much lately.

  8. I really loved the Maybelline gel liner (even the little brush that came with it!!) and how long-lasting it was. Now I'm wondering why I switched from gel to a liquid pen 🤔

  9. I was looking for someone to mention this one! That was my go to for awhile during the 2010s, is it even still around?

  10. Eh as someone also in the LGBT community, I'm not going to fork over my hard-earned money to someone actively trying to take my rights away or harm me. Like I enjoyed the Enders Game book, but fuck all if I'm giving Orson Scott Card a dime to donate to anti-lgbt groups or politicians.

  11. That part. “I’m a part of this community and I’m ok giving money to those who are active oppressors to me” doesn’t seem like the flex some think it is. Sucking up to our oppressors isn’t gonna make us one of the “good ones” to them.

  12. Soon You’ll Get Better. 💔 It was my comfort song when my partner had covid in the beginning of the pandemic. It just reminds me of the sleepless nights spent sobbing by myself listening to that song, waiting for updates from the hospital.

  13. He lost me when he started to complain and guilt trip his audience into paying money for his short film. He just has this entitled air to him that I don’t care for at all :/

  14. This post and thread has made me realize I’m way more affected by Long COVID than I thought. :(

  15. This whole time I thought the brain fog and fatigue were the most prominent issues I’ve experienced. I have the digestive issues and blue hands too 😞 didn’t know it was long covid related.

  16. Omg this is an amazing find!! Amazing work on both your ends, this is a piece of Lost Media I’ve had my eyes on for awhile.

  17. Sending peace? She literally caused this woman anything but peace.

  18. That’s exactly what I thought. She caused so much havoc and humiliation to Jaclyn during that whole ordeal. :/

  19. I genuinely didn’t realize how much of a show I’d been roped into performing my whole life because of my Nmom. A family member who’s only seen how I am around my Nmom said it was a surprise to see how I acted when I was around close friends of mine.

  20. Duffer Brothers introducing beloved characters only to kill them off. Not that I think everyone should be alive, but it’s becoming a little annoying now as a plot point.

  21. It’s pretty cringeworthy to me. I’ve noticed some people have started to sense it’s a fake personality based on their reactions to her. Some peoples’ BS meters are stronger I think.

  22. He should have sang Just The Way You Are

  23. Found this thread randomly from google haha. I totally remember them too, am also from AB :)

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