1. I have to find it. It was a a couple weeks ago someone on here posted their Poshmark store, and when you zoom in on the photo you can see the dry glue 🤣 I’m trying to find it

  2. $300 for this swamp!? Cameos are like 30 seconds… I’ve seen legit actors & A listers only charge $25-50

  3. She can’t go to California, she’s on Motel Mandy’s shit list.

  4. I remember those stories of Mandy going off, and it wasn’t even Heather who was talking crap. It was a YouTuber, and she went off on coco ☠️💀☠️

  5. I bet it’s Stans just coming here and reporting posts, or the Ks themselves. I highly doubt people who read this sub regularly are doing that.

  6. I g2g!! How lovely Farrah doesn’t know about fetishes & kinks. What slop will Kimothy pull together this year

  7. If it wasn't for this group..I would have sent her money. I stumbled onto her when she was living in that Efficiency and from love after lock up I could tell she had issues. As someone who struggles with mental health issues I empathized with her and I really thought she had lost her children and I honestly believed what she said about Dylan.

  8. “I want a MacBook Pro fully loaded, you cheap assholes. Send me my money!! And I don’t want any of your nasty old clothes, go to Akira and buy me all the shit I want. I can’t believe I have to be constantly reminding you guysssss”

  9. I crossed out her name just in case anyone feels bad, and tries to send her anything lol

  10. Thank you! From here on out I’ll cross it out, you never know some really might just send her $ from here 🤷 no more free promo from me 🙅

  11. Why do I have a sudden urge to rat her out to Chanel and YSL. I know she’s a nobody, but she’s still infringing their copyrights. Some people might really think she’s associated with them 🤷‍♂️

  12. Where’s my DM?! lmfao. Imagine just spending your day to day life begging internet strangers to fund your every activity. My medication was sold out too, and I just had to tough it out and wait the 4 days until shipment. Please no one send this leech weed $

  13. Off topic but can you tell me where you got that blanket? I need one!

  14. Class 5 felony for drug possession according to the court website here.

  15. 100% what’s the bet she’ll try and use David to “teach” him how to play/use their connections to pay his way onto a team when he’s older

  16. 100%! That’s a great theory. I can see her pushing her sons into sports, since the girls are mini me’s of Kim. I guess time will tell lmao

  17. I think it’s the same change for a law enforcement officer (Leo), correctional officer or fireperson.

  18. TMZ really keeps dusting this antique off for clicks.

  19. Are these backpacks an old thing? I didn't know they made children backpacks lol

  20. I think they’re just mini backpacks lol I don’t even remember seeing this brand elsewhere haha. Not sure where it’s originally sold!

  21. My husband knows very little about huffer (we watch LAL together) and watched this with me and rolled his eyes about her blaming Dylan for being where she is in life. 🤣🤣🤣 Just goes to show ya you can barely know the broad and still know she’s completely full of shit.

  22. It blows me away when she recites his inmate number as if that’s still something valid at this point 🤷🏼‍♀️

  23. I ain’t get no sleep cause of y’all, y’all not gonna get no sleep cuz of me 🎶

  24. In Pennsylvania where my family is from, they'd just show up with a rifle lol.

  25. I forgot about the Botox. She has “sponsors” who pay for her Botox. Ummmmm. I’ve had Botox a couple times, $500 - $600 and my skin is much less aged than hers. So, she gets money and instead of buying food or getting a hotel, this bish gets Botox?!

  26. That’s what makes me angry! She begs for money, but then admits smoking weed daily and now Botox. These things are not essential. She should get in trouble for fraud because she’s always begging for shelter, food, etc but it’s clearly going to non essential items! Makes me so upset for anyone who felt bad, and sent her anything

  27. I’m upset because Jenelle will never choose her children over a man! What happens if Jace does something to upset David, will he respond with violence?! I just really do not want to read the news one day about the police or CPS being called. It just worries me, I feel Ensley is the only one who is free from violence. Just IMO

  28. I also believe Ensley is the only one who David doesn't hit, but she is not free from violence. She is a witness to it and that can also really mess a kid up

  29. Yeah, that’s what I meant. I think she’s the only one he doesn’t physically abuse. I just can’t imagine it, I think she is favored in some way! The boys however I feel different

  30. i was about to ask if im the only one focusing on his hands to see if he got his ring on

  31. Oops, electricity went out... Oops, water went out

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