I'm tired of ADHD TikTok (a rant)

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  1. I also loved them for my first and bought a bunch more for my (soon to be) second! Even when he was mobile, I liked not having to pull a shirt over his gigantic head. I didn’t realize I was so in the minority, haha

  2. Thats what they used in the hospital and we brought a few home from there. They were great.

  3. Always early to everything. I count back in my head, it takes 20 minutes to drive there so I should leave 30 minutes early as a traffic buffer, i need to be dressed and ready to go by x time.

  4. I had my first at 35 and my second at 38. It’s pretty normal around where I live to be financially stable before having kids, most people start at 30.

  5. I am aware that this isn’t the greatest advice, but call his bluff. He is emotionally manipulating you. It hurts, but I have been there. Put aside your fears and make sure he knows what you are worth, because he doesn’t sound worth much at this point.

  6. There are Facebook’s groups by me where people donate formula. People probably get it from something like that and resell it. It’s a pretty shitty thing to do in my opinion.

  7. Get the same drink as your husband, trade back and forth. Pretend to drink, cheers people. Then switch to water.

  8. I’m with you. One day I saw a grandma playing with her grandson at a playground and I cried because I know my children will never get that experience. It’s crazy

  9. I never understood this book. Thought it was so dumb and strange. Now I've got the rhythm down and it puts my daughter to sleep so well. I love it. The more I read it the more I think it's ingenuous.

  10. Fellow sped teacher- great with students horrible with paperwork. 😀 my advice is color code as much as possible, folder notebook binder bin for each group. Take time and make yourself a binder of important information- list your students by when their iep is up so you know when annual reviews are or when you should schedule them. Also put a copy of your students goals and accommodations in there for quick reference. I also found it helpful to know what teachers and therapists the kids had to collaborate with.

  11. Also if it’s your first year you should ask if a more experienced teacher could be your mentor.

  12. Get a apron like servers at a restaurant with big pockets. Fanny packs have zippers and stuff. Aprons are where it’s at.

  13. Door handles on outside doors. They will be able to open them way before you think they are capable. My husband was home with our 15th month old while I got my hair done. Came home to an open door and a missing child. My husband thought he was napping. Scariest day of my life. He actually walked to the back yard and was banging on the back door to get in. I always judged parents that happened to before that.

  14. I love adhd tik tok- buuuut: I only follow creators who are either experts or laypeople with adhd who are very careful about what they post. I have an adhd tik tok account as well and I aim to do the same and uplift others who are trying as well. I just tell myself I'm doing my, very tiny, part.

  15. Back then adhd wasn’t something girls had so I was viewed as a neurotypical girl that purposely did things to piss off her teachers.

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