1. Game two and I am already wondering who is going to take clemen's innings on the mound t this year. Good thing about these tig teams is that the season gets over real quick. Can spend summer more freely.

  2. Clemens and Castro combined for like 10 innings last season. Someone needs to step up.

  3. I guess even our bullpen is terrible now. That was the one bright spot last year

  4. They wasted the one year per decade with a good bullpen by having a historically bad offense.

  5. Nice double header on Saturday, Red Wings at home vs PIT at 1, then Tigers at home vs BOS at 4.

  6. I love the last second goal but man did I want to hear Mickey and Ken call that one.

  7. PH for Vierling, fine. But why not Maton? Why the guy who can't hit?

  8. I was surprised that he left too. I don’t know if he wanted to be the #1 guy or if it was the money.

  9. Imagine if Pittsburgh loses both their games vs us late in the season and they miss the playoffs :)

  10. Red Wings have done their part too going 0-3 vs both Florida and Buffalo but 2-0 vs Pittsburgh.

  11. Aww oh well I was hoping with the new bases and pickoff limits that Baddoo could run wild this season.

  12. This is happening to me too! I cannot progress and I can’t find a way around it. I’m sad because I genuinely love the game. I’ve tried old saves and waiting to see if the floor will load and it won’t. Lmk if you figure it out

  13. Yes instead of progressing to that area, I backtracked to a different save point instead and reloaded from that save point and it worked.

  14. I tried that and it didn’t work. I went back all the way to the first mission in the quest and tried to do it first and it didn’t work. That was the oldest save too

  15. Oh, I mean not a previous save file. I used the newest one that is bugged, but instead of proceeding where I’m supposed to on the mission, I turned towards a different save room and saved it first and then reloaded from there and tried again.

  16. I’ll be missing todays game to see John Wick.

  17. Does this mean Boyd is starting Game #2?

  18. Sands was sent to AAA today so the catching situation was pretty much known. Basically the main question in camp remains Kerry Carpenter right?

  19. This happened to my grandfather where they used my first name and said the same things basically. Luckily, my grandfather was smart enough and said "Oh yeah, what's your last name?" and the scammer guessed wrong. He guessed my grandfather's last name which is not the same as mine.

  20. Last game on ESPN+ was 1 week ago vs Nashville right? They've played 2 games since and both were carried on NHL Network, which ESPN+ won't show as well. That happens a few times a season.

  21. Yankees were thrilled to see Turnbull out of the game.

  22. Uh oh, Greene just fouled one off of his foot against the Yankees late in Spring Training again.

  23. This game is airing on MLB network as well, if anyone has that.

  24. I replayed both recently and I agree, Mario 64 does not hold up as well as BK anymore, particularly the last few levels.

  25. About as much offense as we’ve come to expect from what is pretty much the Tigers starting lineup.

  26. Sorry Maybin but you are definitely not the only Tiger to homer in 3 different decades.

  27. I’m curious who is going to play Bond in this, I doubt it’ll be the new movie actor. Probably do a generic Bond face like Agent Under Fire did but someone still needs to voice him.

  28. Oh come on, I’ve lost count how many recalls this is now for my vehicle. At least 4.

  29. Have you actually gotten notified of any of them?

  30. This feels so good. Thank you for broadcasting it Bally.

  31. My favorite would be when I first got Xbox Live in 2008. Before that I was skeptical and wondered why I'd ever want to play with strangers but it was so much fun and I don't know how I ever played without it.

  32. Looks like Netherlands has been eliminated so Schoop should be back soon although he’s been playing over in Asia.

  33. So guess we can assume the starters would be Baddoo, Greene, Austin Meadows in OF, Tork/Schoop/Baez/Maton infield and Haase/Rogers platoon catcher.

  34. Baddoo/Vierling will be a left/right platoon.

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