Is There Anybody Who Couldn't Get Happy Home Paradise DLC? And why?

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  1. This brings me immeasurable happiness.

  2. I came here to say that, exactly. I loved that cheese!

  3. It's gettin' kinda late so I'll message you and try again tomorrow. :)

  4. I do! Send me your DODO and I'll head right over.

  5. I for one love hearing about how he can only eat cucumbers with the good Mayo. I could be wrong about the cucs, could be another veggie

  6. It's cucumbers! Kappa are legendary lovers of cucumbers!

  7. I can't tell you about the nutritional values either. All I can say is my cat refused to eat it, and he hasn't refused to eat anything in his life. And I tried several flavors! Just couldn't be done.

  8. I loved Tasha! She's so fun and sweet and the rainy atmosphere inside her house is to die for!

  9. There's a Nintendo Switch Online App you can get in the app store or on Google Play and if offers special game stuff, so if you click on the Animal Crossing game icon (in the app) it takes you to a nook phone style app, and from there if you get coins, Katrina's fortune is at the bottom. Bonus- you get coins every day you can use to buy stuff like Timmy and Tommy's photo, which ships free to your home in the game.

  10. Oh yeah. It's sooo good. I don't think any of us can cover all the awesomeness.

  11. I am so absolutely sorry. I'll keep your family in my thoughts. My god. What tragedy. Poor Binx.

  12. I couldn't but it's because I couldn't afford it after the vets bills.

  13. Oh! Twinsies! I'm lucky enough that I'll get paid today and able to get it later, but I had to put off paying for it to take care of my wonderful

  14. It's a feisty name! I bet you can fetch crazy good!

  15. And I also will add shredded cheese from time to time. This essentially combines both ingredients in one.

  16. A couple weeks ago I said to my husband, "Okay, hear me out. Chili... and cheeze-its."

  17. I've been looking at one just like it. How do you like it?

  18. it’s good! but sitting on it after a long period of time hurts my butt a bit lmao.

  19. This is the miracle. Get it in a bottle with a squirty top and squirt that shit into wall outlets. Run it down around every baseboard. Just... get creative with it, but remember it's magical dry-out dust. Don't get it all over you without washing up and moisturizing. It's safe around pets!

  20. I was similarly 'orphaned' when I was your age! After a couple of years of just... terrible behavior on my part (working through trauma) I realized that if I didn't have a Mom, I could be my own Mom. What that meant was, anytime I felt like I needed support, I'd stop, and tell myself what I imagined a grown-up who loved me might say. And it worked! Sure, I became a Mom real early, and sometimes my advice was wrong... but I was advising myself so I didn't feel bad about being wrong, I was just working on it.

  21. Thank you, that's good advice. I've been seeking comfort and attention from whoever offers it which has led me to bad situations.. my therapist made me realize that. Christmas will be tough. My solution is to work a lot. But maybe I'll have my own little Christmas party.

  22. That's a lot of what I was doing, too. It really sets us up for codependency in the worst way. But hey, you know about it now, and you can fight against it! And if you catch yourself in a situation, any situation, ask yourself... what would a more mature, loving person tell you in the circumstances you're in? You can usually imagine something. And it's empowering!

  23. Don't follow the link. Someone was arguing that it wasn't that bad... that children were reading this... Oof.

  24. The opening zoom in you did reminded me of the Museum scene from Ferris bueller's day off.

  25. I was totally expecting it to be edited to do that exact scene!!!

  26. Aren’t raspberries designed to fall off and be eaten? I feel like a handful of berries would be better then a head of cabbage in that situation

  27. Well... that makes sense. You'd think they wouldn't feel pain while their intended-to-be-eaten berries would be picked. I've picked them before and it's not super difficult. But... at the same time, you'd think having a baby wouldn't be such agony, since we're supposed to do that for the continuation of the species, also? I guess we'll have to wait to solve this question until science allows us to speak to raspberries!

  28. Those are the people I was thinking of when I said I know some people live that way. I'll edit it to say "for me to live." Thanks for the catch!

  29. Ah i made a stupid mistake and went to Kapp'n BEFORE blather xD i'll see tomorrow thanks

  30. This is why I was asking... If you lose the DIY does he give you another or...? I mean we have to have it coming! We must!

  31. But! For people who read this, you can only buy one place per day, so don't do the silly thing I did and grab the fortune teller tent when what you really wanted was Leif! Haha!

  32. It's like every holiday all in one! It's like someone crossed a holiday with a snow day!

  33. It makes me feel old, but it's a ton of fun to revisit. And there's probably tons of people who don't know about it, so thank you very much for the write-up!

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