1. 👍 testing without freezing first will always take longer. HR tests are generally freezing first, with no freezing being a newer thing. It creates a lot of inconsistent results because you don’t know which way someone was testing. I definitely wouldn’t worry too much with 7 minutes.

  2. Starting the pump without freezing can also screw the pump up if using an oil pump, let’s moisture into the pump and won’t pull the vaccum low enough. Learned that the hard way unfortunately lol

  3. Any distillate is bad distillate, you’re smoking a remediated product if they could sell it as is why would they spend more labor costs turning it into distillate

  4. I'll upvote and put you back up to -1.. We'll see how long that lasts.

  5. You should give your plants a week or two to recover before worrying about more leaf symptoms I feel like I’ve seen multiple posts a week from you about this garden. At this point you’re going to just start chasing your tail and causing more issues.

  6. Saprophytic fungus eating dead tissue, if you chop in drop in no till methods you’ll see it sometimes on the mulch layer. On the upside it only tends to appear in dead tissue.

  7. If the dispos r pricing them fairly, it’s only cuz the LLC’s have lowered their prices. Whatever the reason, if I can find good quality rosin for under $50/jar, I might have to finally get the new Puffco Peak.

  8. Quality rosin requires an elevated attention to detail from cultivation through processing and requires far more labor to produce so in my opinion a higher price than a live resin is justifiable

  9. they're just worried about safety, you know? babies drowning in irrigation and such.

  10. Rosin is a much more sought after sku than an ethanol extract yet they named this rosinol to sound like it’s a solventless product when it’s actually not.

  11. For Ohio being the origin of deathstar they really just put shame to the strain with this, their cultivation team needs to step it up or step out

  12. When the flower is so bad you have to use the remediated extract to bump the numbers it’s not a good sign

  13. Sluggo + around the plants works well for me when needed, has to be the plus version though

  14. Check with KIS organics and see what they think but kind of looks like root knot nematode damage to me which would not be good

  15. The biggest, best and ripest trichomes are the first to fall off, this thing is just shredding them off.

  16. Just more shitty product rebranded to trick consumers into trying it out one more time

  17. If you can buy a small grow set up don’t tell anyone you don’t trust and just learn to cultivate your own until we go rec and some actual competition can enter the market.

  18. The tips are getting a yellow color. Or am I tripping? Unfortunately I don’t have any info on ppfd or anything. This run I’m using my little 2x2 light from ac infinity, just going off recommend heights. Light is 2 feet away from top.

  19. Yellow tips are likely due to dry back between waterings in such small pots, not really anything concerning. When your pots dry out your nutrient content in the remaining water in the pot is more concentrated than if it were saturated.

  20. Just let it go for a week or so and settle in, don’t water until it looks thirsty or the pot is reasonably light compared to fully saturated

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