1. Only foot tattoo i think is ok is something around the ankle and maybe extends down a little on top of the foot thats all. A beautiful foot gets ruined by a tat.

  2. I go back and forth between watching those soles wrinkle up and your eyes.

  3. If that were my cream it would have been eaten.

  4. How are you not diving in there to clean that up.

  5. You are so gorgeous. We'd love to see your soles too.

  6. I'd cum in your ass then as it drips on to your soles and toes lick them clean.

  7. Absolutely I came to these pics 2x already today.

  8. Pretty sure your soles are telling me to fuck them while eating that ass.

  9. Toes & soles please we'll clean it up together.

  10. Ps5 hell no. No video game would ever come above playtime.

  11. 100% my favorite especially if they are lick cum off them.

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