1. I think it is a great first watch. The dial is rich and fun to look at. You can swap out the strap for leather or a NATO later. The chronograph is fun, and in a few years time a new battery will be inexpensive.

  2. No. Some of the old Swiss made stuff is good, but I have not liked what they offer. That said, I do have a strong Seiko bias. Their chronographs are beautiful and fun.

  3. Your comment helped me a lot ! I ended up pulling the trigger on this watch and getting a g shock as well and will look for more seikos in the future !

  4. I mean. Could be a thyroid issue. I agree you need a deficit to lose weight though.

  5. Stop wait for confirmation from the bus driver proceed

  6. Thank god that wasn’t intercepted….. nvm

  7. As a Supervisor, If one of my crews advise me they have a brake light, etc out — I’ll either A) grab a replacement bulb and go meet them and change it out quick. B) pull them to change trucks. C) If I don’t have the enough units in service to maintain coverage — have them wait it out a bit until I can get them swapped.

  8. My supervisor said cool. Please proceed to your call. I appreciate the perspective that I’m not crazy.

  9. I'd change trucks for safety. Call me a weirdo but that's just me. Luckily my main 911 department is pretty good about apparatus maintenance and everything's in good shape. For the corporate owned IFT station my main dept staffs on contract I'd let my deputy chief (who's at that station usually for admin) or the corpo guys know and they'll fix it and I'd still change trucks because those are all Ford Transit ice cream trucks and the break light doubles as a turn signal. Now if I'm at my rural 911 station (soon to be corporatized) more likely than not we won't be able to change trucks because we always have at least 1 truck OOS. It's difficult with IFT because it's always so. Impossibly. Busy. But still your safety is worth a lot more. I'd try contacting a ranking officer and let them know.

  10. I’m not in a rural system. I’m in a very heavily populated metropolitan. It’s bullshit, but they’re choosing profit over employee safety. I’m going to try letting my supervisor know .

  11. Florida- Paramedic 20$ and some cents an hour. 8 years experience. Currently in nursing school.

  12. Where in Florida ? I’m an emt in Florida and make 20$ an hour

  13. St Pete is probably the most segregated place I’ve ever lived and I’ve lived all over the country.

  14. St. Petersburg is not diverse compared to many major cities in America. I know that’s not a popular opinion but it’s true. However, St. Petersburg is definitely one of the most inclusive and accepting cities in the world. It really doesn’t matter where you are.

  15. I mean I walk home at 3:30am right past that block almost every night. Yeah there are some homeless, but they are all nice. Just homeless… I think it’s plenty safe

  16. Getting robbed while selling crack isn’t getting mugged.

  17. You seem like a very disturbed individual

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