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  1. Cookies shouldn’t be a weekly thing anyway

  2. So after reading the article, it seems like they shot a disabled man trying to commit suicide by cop.

  3. Even going by their statement (which you should be taking with a grain of salt always) they had a choice; several, in fact

  4. I was on scene. It’s a very unfortunate situation.

  5. We making the browns look like superbowl contenders

  6. I’m a fireman, I’ve driven that truck many times. The truck is at fault. Even with normal traffic that siren is a request for the right of way. You don’t spear head your way through. It was his job to check the intersection. We don’t even have trams here and I knew it couldn’t just stop.

  7. 0 mph every red light/stop sign. Then proceed with caution. Engineer wasn’t paying attention.

  8. Instead of calling me dumb why don't you explain why you think this is fake?. Because not a single video showing Russians getting bombed by drones has been proven fake if anything a lot has been proven true so what makes this video fake over the rest that are proven true and accurate?.

  9. Because my comment wasn’t directed at the video…. You didn’t even look at the full comment.

  10. Y’all sleeping on 7/11 pizza probably best to make it at home. But it’s 5$ what do you expect

  11. Don’t stay near the park… unless you’re into…. nvm

  12. The chronic back pain !!! Or granny’s tummy had been upset for 2 weeks. These are the calls that make us a hero!!!!

  13. You’re a professional you advocated for a patient for what you believed was right. Nothing wrong done.

  14. I can’t find the button can someone help?

  15. You’re not fucked you might have to put in extra effort than others to stay focused

  16. Shitty way to talk about buccaneers players

  17. That they're not judging you or scoring you. They're there to help learn if you're willing to learn. It's okay to not know something even if it's simple. You won't get in trouble or ridiculed for asking simple or seemingly stupid questions.

  18. That's just you my guy. I complete agree with what jake_h_music said.

  19. Perhaps it's the guys who pushed past him? 3 rows of stairs, if he came down from the very top he'd have stuck to the left the whole time. "the guys" would have likely seen him and went for it anyway.

  20. Oh hey folks. Reminder that we're really just here to shoot the shit watch football and have fun. Nothing we say in here has any bearing on the outcome of the game. So please be nice or we'll pretend you're Greg Schiano and fire you.

  21. But I’m wearing my lucky underwear today

  22. What if someone actually does beat the shit out of them, but it happens when they are old and cannot defend themselves. It would look just like this video.

  23. Nah it would be better if they just stoned her today get it over with 🤷‍♂️

  24. Nah it would be better if they went to prison and served a lengthy sentence. If murderers and pedophiles can go to prison so can someone assaulting/beating someone. Then what happens to them there.. is what it is I guess

  25. Kosovo is different they don’t tolerate bs.

  26. Not sure why we are having so many of these humble brag posts recently about people leaving the profession and how their life is so much better despite not having actually been away from the job yet.

  27. Just be happy for them and move on salty dog

  28. Wish I would just turn the PlayStation on

  29. Angelos is really not worth it! Terrible food, rude people working there. And that is the only thing I can think of…

  30. Ferg's, Trophy Fish, and agree with Buya Ramen.

  31. You know what kills me about having the medical field (nurse, emt, etc.) work so much's like proven over and over again that sleep deprivation is the number one cause of deadly mistakes.

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