As a 56 year old lady who has never played video games, which one would be good to start with?

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  1. Not sure when you play but I could team up with you and try to help if needed. I’m not incredible but I do have 3x gilded. DM if you want. GL either way!

  2. I’m personally in the stability camp even after watch the Lego video but I use almost exclusively rapid fire and after the nerf it’s even more important imo

  3. I’m using the same roll but with acc coils and UP- not as consistent as I’d like but hits some nutty shots

  4. Crafted empirical evidence and forgiveness- both can run harmony. One kill and I start running through people just swapping back and forth

  5. Instead of invulnerability a regenerating overshield would be balanced better.

  6. Combine the zone of invisibility with gyrfalcon and you basically have a full time dmg buff too

  7. Currently at 50 kills with my new borrowed time with a 85% headshot kill. Thing is a headshot magnet compared to my funnelweb. I know it’s too early to tell though.

  8. All I know for sure is my bow/glaive swap is going to take a smidge longer and I'm going to have less dr with the shield up.

  9. I personally have dabbled with lower recovery and 10 res (hunter) which is fairly blasphemous. That being said, 10 res seems to fuck with people’s usual TTKs. I find myself surviving instances I would have normally died. I’d give it a try for yourself.

  10. Typical shitbag landlord with a 0-notice eviction.

  11. You can do it- eat some sugary, fatty foods to stock up (either before or on a break).

  12. I went back to Dragon’s Shadow as a non-subclass specific exotic to make it easier trying out different 3.0 builds. That being said, I forgot how good it feels to use. If you liked stompees, give it a try. It’s a combination of stompees and ophidian aspect imho. You just have to get used to dodging pre-encounter and immediately after

  13. I’ve “lost” 3k+ hours into Destiny 2. Space shooting and powerful wizard role playing. Lots of hours of buy in but if you have the time, it’s great. There are also lots of great online communities to play with

  14. Has anyone had trouble with the Ketchcrash event? I have done it twice now, and i says I haven’t done it at all.

  15. Exercise is the only thing that keeps me from getting super depressed. Wellbutrin helps a bit too

  16. Eat some fatty/sugary foods- I’ve felt that way mid long session before and the “junk” food cleared it up instantly

  17. Farm a zealots reward/Cartesian with high impact reserves and under pressure- mine has particle repeater and red dot micro. Stability masterwork. Aim low and let the spread go across the target’s body on the way up. (Nearly 10k crucible kills on mine). Takes practice, good luck

  18. Farming the last boss of GoA on normal difficulty rewards lots of armor and a few weapons. I’ve rotated through a few exotics- worm husk, stompees and now dragons shadow. They each have their benefits so I would try them out.

  19. I’m over 6k kills on my Cartesian- stability is king! I can reliably hit to 20m. Just need to play effective range. Chap is the only real challenge imo

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