1. That looks amazing! Where did you get the bits and stuff? And what sorta statblock/gear are you running them as?

  2. Thanks. The base miniature is from Hexbane's Hunters Underworlds gang, rapier is from Anasta Malkorion, archaeopistol (?) and one of the servo skulls is from a Tech Priest Dominus, the ponytail's from a Blood Bowl noble, and the feathers are from Freeguild Guard.

  3. Awesome, definitely need to keep an eye out for some of those bits and kits! Hope she serves you well in the underhive slum wars!

  4. The Book of Judgement is a separate book, much like the Book of Ruin for Chaos/Genestealers, the House of Blades for Escher, etc.

  5. The latest Kal Jericho book, Sinner’s Bounty, actually had a lot of Ratskin content and lore in it, and you can pick up Kal and Scabbs in the current edition of the game. They’re still around, but don’t have much of a spotlight, though Sinner’s Bounty kinda delved a bit more deeply into their role and treatment in necromunda society. (The answers are pretty grim, which is probably another reason we haven’t and probably won’t see Ratskin gangs/models besides Scabbs in this edition.)

  6. I'm so jealous of people who can see the dot clearly. With my astigmatism, they're not so blown out I can't use them, they just look messy.

  7. Same, I looked through a buddy’s new sight and wondered if it was broke at first, since it was just a starburst blob to me. Kinda disheartening.

  8. Neutron Laser + Double Stubber on the tanks, magnetize if you can. I love Kastelands but they are bullet magnets so try to keep them repaired or protected; don't forget they can benefit from Shroudpsalm and they count as Vehicles so your Datasmith can use them for Look Out Sir. Rangers are great. Don't have a lot of experience with servitors or the Skorpius. Techpriest Engineseer always earned their keep for me, especially when I put them between two Onagers and slap them both with Awaken the Machine Spirit (there's a strat to use it twice) to wildly change the tide of battle sometimes.

  9. I've got a Canik TP9 SA. Its my baby. Of the handguns I have owned or practiced with, it has proven the most comfortable, reliable, and accurate for me (a novice marksman) to operate. Of the firearms in my collection, it is the one I would feel most comfortable defending myself with. Which is why it spends its life either on the range helping me improve, or in my nightstand within easy reach.

  10. Paper straws. Cut to length, paint like rusty pipes. Stack them in triangles and “band” them with different metal-painted strips of paper or chipboard. Boom, instant made-to-order industrial scatter.

  11. My dad is kind of like this. He thinks just having a gun will protect us. Every time I practice he cusses "you wasted $1000 worth of ammo". On the other hand, he can't hit the broadside of a barn and doesn't know how the 10/22 works much less my AR.

  12. My father-in-law is very doom-and-gloom and constantly looking to find more ammo, and tried to convince me to sell him my newest rifle. He hasn't fired most of his firearms in years, some haven't ever been fired, and some he doesn't even have the right ammo for.

  13. Based off models and descriptions, I like Goliath, orlock and ash wastes. How would I go about starting these

  14. Ash Waste starter box looks like it’s got the core rules, ash nomads, and orlock gangs included. Unfortunately it’s also very pricy, though I’ve seen the price fluctuate up and down lately so maybe you can find a good deal. If you don’t get a starter set, you’ll need the core rulebook, gang models, and the respective splatbook.

  15. Inquisitor Coteaz was a must-take for my army last Crusade I played in. Those Psychic and Deny options make a big difference, plus he allows access to a few stratagems and isn’t terrible in melee.

  16. Black Crusade would be my favorite, but the players I tried to run it for made the game unbearable. :c

  17. Spent weeks putting together notes, maps, and homebrew tweaks for a Curse of Strahd campaign. Did all kinds of research and watched tons of videos, trying to build my toolbox and bag of tricks up, and prepare for various issues or twists. Overall, felt pretty confident, and the first session went GREAT.

  18. Concept: Nercromancer plasmoid who controls corpses like a fucked up meat puppet

  19. Adding that to my list of nightmare fuel Random Encounters...

  20. It’s just rule updates that can be found in the errata on GW’s website, nothing critical. The stand alone rule book would work fine, with the box sets you get 2 gangs and all the special dice and bits. :)

  21. Cool, didn't realize they had the rules updates and changes actually compiled. Thanks for the heads up!

  22. Me in a couple of weeks after luring my friends with Gamepass into playing Darktide.

  23. Wow, those came out really good! I really dig the look! What technique or order of paints and washes did you use, if you don't mind my asking?

  24. I won two games in a row by using them as hot and run bait. I pushed them out far, poured some shots into an HQ unit, goaded an enemy into charging them, and then used Tactica Obliqua to get that free move and zoom them into an objective. Boom, held more objectives at the start of my next command phase and pulled the lead. Granted, you need to run them in a unit of 6 or more to survive the initial round of shooting that’s gonna get thrown their way…

  25. Probably my SKS. Everything else is either bolt action or would just tickle it. And I don’t think the SKS would kill it dead, but I could maybe fling enough lead to get a few hits to the knee or some other soft spot like the throat. Y’know, give it a good “ouch” and maybe make it go look for easier prey, or buy me some time to GET TO THA CHOPPA.

  26. I run two onagers in my crusade list, both with neutron lasers and double stubber. The laser can be a bit swingy with the d3 shots but when it actually lands shots it can delete vehicles and tough units pretty handily. The stubbers also give good crowd control, and chipping more wounds off big targets.

  27. Inquisitor Coteaz with his warlord trait drops 3 casts and 2 denies, has a 2+ and 5++, and he can access Inquisitorial stratagems. He is a priority target any time I field him, because him doling out Smite, Castigation, and Mental Interrogation has managed to cripple or delete quite a few units, and I’m content to let him be a sacrificial distraction while my Ironstriders and Onagers can live longer and get into better positions. Plus with certain powers he can generate CP, and he has an ability to add +1 CP to the cost of an opponent’s stratagem once per game.

  28. I run an Inquisitor Coteaz in my crusade force, dropping multiple casts and denies per turn. He has quickly become a delightful addition to the army, because my opponents do their best to avoid him or try to focus on taking him out instead of the more dangerous things like vehicles and my Buffed-to-Hell skitarii.

  29. I haven't done much with Buffs for any of my Units...but I do have 55 Skitarii, 1 Skitarii Marshal, 1 Techpriest Dominus, 4 Kastelans, 2 Skorpius Disintegrators, 1 Onager DuneCrawler, 2 Techpriest Enginseers, 3 Kataphron Destroyers and 2 Cybernetica Datasmiths.....what other Units would I need to buy in order to stack loads of Buffs on my Units and make them feel as durable as SpaceMarines?

  30. Honestly, I don't think its a matter of buying more since you already have some pretty good options. I'd say maybe round it out a bit with some Raiders or Ruststalkers in order to get more mobility and objective tagging, but that's not really a matter of buffs. Oh, and a Manipulus so your skitarii have longer range and more AP, if you want to make them more shooty.

  31. Ooh, having a 4 Robot Unit of Kastelans with a Cybernetica Datasmith buffing the shit out of them sounds fun. I'll definitely try to remember to do that tue next time I play a Match of 40k with all of my Kastelans.

  32. You should look into the new squats/leagues of votann. Some of their infantry are going to be a variant of the Men of Iron, and they look like baby Kastelans.

  33. Still working on my alcoholism. Doing a ton better these days

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