1. Ahhh I really want to try a Karen's, love a good old gimmick

  2. It’s Not Living has been my favourite song for years but I love About You so much that they only way I can describe it is that I want to plug it into my soul.

  3. I agree that it's the message, but I also think Matty the person behind the character is super self aware and knows that it's a common thought people have after a breakup, so it reflects and illustrates what he's thinking at that exact moment but he knows it's probably not true, and he will love again eventually. In other words he's being melodramatic (and we love it).

  4. Don't be an inconsiderate jerk to the people around you, or the people on stage, basically.

  5. Give us all the outtakes from when they first saw each other in the "old" makeup.

  6. Sunday service on a Bank Holiday. So reduced amount of trains available. They often do engineering works over BHs too so you might run into trouble there.

  7. Nice, some giraffe sheeps and Bon Jovi dog horses.

  8. Like if I were shagging him I’d tell him not to even bother taking the makeup off

  9. Your local small animal home, people are having to give up their pets ans Christmas and New Year are already a bad time for animal shelters

  10. Bring a sign with you that says “my dog wants to talk to you about your car’s extended warranty”

  11. Depending on where you live I can recommend a dog trainer that'll address that issue yesterday, and provide you and your dog a life of reactivity free walks.

  12. Small family, the dogs and close friends and their children. Probably about 30?

  13. My mam in law always bought the cats (we had 2) presents, we’ve been pet less for a while (they both died of old age) but I fully expect our hamster to get a packet of treats for Christmas (and probably a card too).

  14. Husband and I had 5 hamsters before we got our dog and they always got a few little gifts and usually a little bit of Christmas dinner too (carrots, turkey, green beans)!

  15. Yes but it will be bloody expensive for taxis. Have been to Download many times.

  16. No, if you're currently her student, your relationship should only be student-teacher

  17. I like bold, bright patterns, especially blue florals. And dresses.

  18. My favourite is About You but musically? Happiness and The 1975

  19. She is a model and they have been seen together after a gig, I believe

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