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  1. Having been to Paris, this is exactly what people do. They stop and have a coffee on the way to work - maybe for 5 minutes, maybe for 20 minutes. Maybe for the same amount of time a car waits in line at a drive-through. The average commute to work in the city is by metro/bicycle/scooter/foot and lots of folks stop on the way in for a coffee or quick bite. I think it's pretty similar in a lot of urban centres.

  2. they are getting an espresso shot that they can drink in 1 minute and leave. not the same

  3. lol there will be 20 lines of dialogue per episode and every line will require a wiki article to understand. youll have to pause and zoom in on every item in a scene to see if there are vague hints alluding to something lore related on it

  4. Crazy how Resistance was absolutely everywhere back in the day. It was literally one of PS3's killer apps, but Sony have just been like 'eh, nah' ever since.

  5. it really wasnt. and killzone wasnt either. neither was ever close to being a top FPS game or even competitve with halo or cod

  6. old God of War games are completely different than the new ones though. dont think the gameplay holds up or appeals to the same crowd

  7. Lie detectors may not be foolproof but a blanket statement that they don't work is also misleading. Any studies on them indicate they have between an 80-90% accuracy rating. That's not perfect but still can be helpful at times.

  8. thats not true. That accuracy rating is from the American Polygraph Association or a quote from a guy who trains polygraph examiners. obviously both biased sources

  9. what a dumb article. Dude upgrades every year and only now finally realizes Apple upgrades are usually very minor and there is minimal difference year to year

  10. Dude hasn’t been the same since Burfict tried to murder him on live tv. Whether he has CTE or not I firmly believe he has a TBI that has massively changed his personality or exacerbated mental health issues he already had.

  11. it was a few years after the burfict hit that he started going off the rails

  12. this guy must walk into shops, lay down, and say "just fuck me up"

  13. I've done BJJ only a handful of times but the black belts in BJJ are genuine masters to a level I haven't seen other martial arts black belts. In the places I used to do karate the black belts there were about as skilled as tue BJJ blue belts I saw.

  14. its also one of the few martial arts where they have to truly earn it in sparring. You dont get promoted for time spent. you have to be able to do it for real.

  15. when this person is arrested, nobody should be surprised

  16. Not everyone in the US is a racist.

  17. tbf its not necessarily racist, might just be ignorance. Sikhs are a small group in the US; very likely many have never met a Sikh or known it was a whole culture/religion

  18. even in milan most people dressed like this. More jorts though

  19. I mean it's a great option for role play and they do a terrible job of painting the imperials as good in game. Which I like how they're painted negatively it makes Skyrim more realistic. You need to think about the scope of the war for it to be more positive.

  20. nah, they did a good job making it a pretty neutral decision. heavily depends on what city and character youre talking to as well

  21. Suits is the reason I dislike Meghan Markle

  22. because traditionally republicans love them. Republicans love Israel, some Christians feel a kinship to Jews, and WW2 holocaust stuff. All 3 of these- israel, christianity, and ww2 glory- are typically Republican rallying points. Also any rich person already leans republican cause of tax breaks and the Jews involved with Trump were rich people

  23. They get a lot of bad press cause Trump invented them as an actual group and blamed them for everything.

  24. Skiing / snowboarding knee deep powder. Nothing like it

  25. yes, powder is what really gets people addicted IMO, especially if theyve only been on ice/hard pack. changes the entire experience

  26. That one weird metal-rod headmassage thing.

  27. I love getting shampoos after a haircut, but those dont do anything for me :(

  28. i feel that religion only has a beneficial place in helping people who feel they need outside help (such as an all powerful being) to change for the better. like people in prison

  29. That's what I'd never understood, it's okay to have your own beliefs and follow them, but why would you force them onto other people and have harsh punishment for not obeying? I really wish the very best for those protesting and fighting for their freedom

  30. because they want a theocracy the enforces sharia law so they can live in an islamic paradise. or something like that

  31. He was standing there replaying it in his head for at least 10 seconds until the video got cut

  32. prob stressing cause hes going to lose his job if the video goes public

  33. lions are the male version of mandalas

  34. Looks good. I hope they dont fuck it up somehow cause theres really no excuse

  35. Air weapons were used in the Napoleonic Wars. They're weapons. Now you're just basing your opinion because there's "air" instead of "fire" in the name, and fire is scary.

  36. lol imagine trying to argue that an airsoft gun is on the same level as an AR15

  37. Ah, I was thinking pellet guns. And we weren't even talking about specific firearms. Just firearms in general.

  38. there are no uses for actual guns outside killing. pellet guns are for killing small animals still. Shooting paper is still training for that. when you own a weapon which exists to kill, you should always be held responsible for what happens with it. dont think that is too much to ask

  39. Not even flagship. The always on display has been an Android thing for like 5 years at this point and Apple is just getting it now?

  40. wow, he straight up admitted hes a the little bitch we all knew he was

  41. Sounds like theyre actually complaining about diversity and sexism. Nothing about "bro" culture except that Zucc likes to grapple now. i have no idea what this person thinks is bro culture, but its def not the same as normal usage.

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