While on his deathbed and unable to speak due to laryngeal cancer, English writer/philosopher Aldous Huxley made a written request for his wife to inject him with 100 micrograms of LSD. She obliged, and injected him with 2 doses, each one hour apart. He went out that same day during an LSD trip…

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  1. Look around on line. A lot of theft is not people that are in desperate straits unless you feel the need for three big screen TVs or a shopping cart full of Carhartts or Levis is somehow “desperate straits”.

  2. You know, is it really that morally bad to steal from Walmart?

  3. Actually, yes. Women with big butts have higher stores of omega 3 and tend to both have higher iqs themselves, and give birth to children with higher iqs.

  4. there's no chance larger ass correlates to intelligence hahah


  6. That’s how the proles are controlled, through simple pleasure.

  7. What’s interesting is that anecdotally, the most intellectual, rebellious people I’ve known have also been some of the worst addicts lol, while the most complacent have been teetotalers.

  8. Or they have no idea how much they clomp around. I love my wife and daughter, but holy shit they sound like a herd of elephants when we stay on a second or above floor.

  9. I honestly had no idea how much I just naturally pace around without noticing (speaking of which, I just realized I’ve been walking around in circles while typing this lmao) until I moved into a house like this. You hear every step everyone takes all throughout the house, and it quickly became clear that I was the worst offender. Roommates would come up to me and be like “WHY HAVE YOU BEEN RUNNING AROUND THE KITCHEN FOR 45 MINUTES??” and I’d realize I’d been stomping around the whole time. Undiagnosed ADHD, I’m 90% sure.

  10. Because most gendered spaces exist for the privacy, protection, and general benefit of women. Whether it's athletics or washrooms, if an actual woman entered the men's/gender-neutral space, men might find it odd but generally wouldn't mind. If a man entered the women's space, they would be perceived as a threat.

  11. These people do not care about women lol. Trust me, I was raised by MAGA conservative boomers. These are the people who will blame a woman for being raped or beaten or murdered.

  12. I think some women are just scared and feel vulnerable. Women’s spaces are a thing for a reason. Expecting the vast majority of them to bend over backwards for a tiny minority over something most people don’t truly understand is ridiculous. At that point I’d tell them to get the fuck over themselves. You’re so into yourself and your own identity that you don’t give a shit what cis women you stomp all over to get what you want. Sounds like something that men do.

  13. Walk on to someone's property without permission, or knowing the owner. It's cool in many places around the world to be able to go wandering through the countryside. It is not cool in the U.S. You might end up getting arrested, held at gunpoint, or shot at if you're really unlucky.

  14. Also people are really fucking annoying about people parking in front of their house or technically on their property, like for no reason. Even if you’re not blocking any sort of driveway or anything at all, you have to be careful before parking anywhere. People take offense to it it’s bizarre

  15. People end up rolling them over every week for like a $25-$50 fee while the juice keeps running. By the time you pay down a simple $500 loan it comes out to something insane like a 750% interest rate over the course of a year

  16. “Everyone knows you wait five minutes” wait what??? Then they get cold…..

  17. Yeah I actually heard about this a couple of years ago, apparently it’s a thing. It doesn’t have anything to do with gender/weight, it’s seen as trashy because it makes you seem greedy or like you can’t afford food at home and are super hungry… I actually see this coming from women just as much.

  18. most beatboxers use tech to loop a sound & record over, even during a live performance - this guy right here is legit!

  19. This is honestly just so hard for me to believe, is this really not at all edited??? I don’t believe anything on the internet anymore and also this is just completely insane

  20. What's insane is that he thinks he's pulling that haircut off

  21. But he is lol. I love the subtle blue. Dude straight out a cyperpunk

  22. I think we may also be missing the fact that TikTok is a dopamine machine. There's a lot of talk about ADHD on TikTok, but also TikTok is literally BUILT dangerously perfect for ADHD brains. You're more likely to see ADHD content there than anywhere else because of that fact also. So it really is the chicken or the egg argument - is TikTok making NT people think they have ADHD? or is TikTok simply herding everyone with ADHD together because of the nature of the app?

  23. Ah, that actually makes a lot of sense which I hadn’t considered! Reminds me of how a decade ago, in high school before I realized I had ADHD, I made so many YT videos about being an “ENTP” lmao. Definitely selection bias there.

  24. lmao, you’re aware that algorithms aren’t expected to be completely flawless, correct?

  25. Yeah? That’s why I’m saying they’re not… and that everyone is getting this stuff. That’s my point

  26. Aye well from what I've seen and heard most American housing is bloody miles away from any shops, and they don't seem to have the corner shops we do for the odd bits and bobs instead of a full shop. I've also noticed you don't seem to have pavements much either so walking would be dicey

  27. Yeah, that’s where the habit comes from. People in cities aren’t like this. In the suburbs, you grow up with everything being far away; from my parents’ house that I grew up in, the nearest grocery store or even gas station is 3-4 miles away, and that’s actually considered quite close.

  28. Sounds like terribly hard work, bad town planning and quite expensive with everyone running a car! Within a 2-3min walk from my house there are 2 supermarkets and a couple of corner shops. If I run out of milk say, I can easily quickly nip out to the shop and grab some. Most major towns are pedestrianised so car driving to town is a pain and expensive.

  29. Yeah, it's awful. It's insanely difficult to operate without a car, which is the reason the only time I could really do it was in college; our universities are often our only real taste of that sort of town. I know dorms are less common in Europe, but here in the US, people often live in dorms their first, sometimes second year of college, then get an apartment with friends nearby. There's usually lots of grocery stores, bars, malls, etc very close, within walking distance. it's honestly one of the reasons americans are always so nostalgic about their college days; it's the only time, for most of us, when we had a semblance of community like that.

  30. As an American, I honestly believe the reason we suck so much at “football” (soccer) is because for some reason, someone decided it’s a girl sport. I’m a 28 yo woman who was raised by parents who are like compulsively obsessed with gender roles and they pushed me into soccer as much as they did ballet. They probably would have panicked if my brother showed any interest in soccer, almost as much as they did when he tried to be emo and started wearing guy liner in 2007.

  31. this is going to sound kind of dumb, but i think there's been a conscious effort to essentially overlook nuance. in the best faith interpretation, i think people who get mad at obvious satire just because it highlights a topic (like michael saying "retard") think that any reference or joke only entrenches harmful thinking/language/ideology. but i think that's pretty dull and, in my honest opinion, just about liberals being able to woke scold other liberals until one of them is awarded the prize of being the most antiracist baby or whatever.

  32. people (especially teenagers) have been increasingly adopting academic terms they don't understand, and all nuance and context has been lost.

  33. The whole camp involved in that show followed an almost perfect downward linear trajectory.

  34. Well, the pod was originally targeting over educated white leftist millennial hipsters from big cities, so it makes a lot of sense.

  35. yeah honestly that entire post came off super jealous and they all sound like fucked up sad people. tragic

  36. I promise I had the option lol and probably still do, but haven’t dated in years. In college I literally had this guy obsessed with me who was a computer science major who first year out was making 6 figs. He was also tall and quite cute and nowhere near as horrible as my brother in law, he was nice. He also wasn’t Mormon. Honestly, I have a very sort of bland, but conventionally attractive blonde look to me, and a pretty mild disposition, and while I’ve never wanted children, I quite like them and have had many jobs with them (even briefly worked as an English teacher at a private middle school nearby, quit when I realized it wasn’t for me). This outer appearance appeals to a lot of guys who think that’s what they’re supposed to want. They often don’t care at all about who I actually am. I had a lot of guys who were fine on paper and made lots of money and nice enough pursue the hell out of me when I was dating, but it was usually so empty. They were also almost always guys who wanted a picket fence and 2.5 kids and didn’t take anything I said seriously, thought they could mold me into the housewife they wanted.

  37. Yeah, but he could have paid for back door abortions and not touched such a hot button issue. Instead, the team of Playboy wrote about issues like the pill, abortion, the female orgasm, and topics that other magazines wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

  38. Also, could have just bailed which was even easier in those days

  39. Obviously it’s complicated. Playboy and hef are repulsive and awful, but people aren’t all good or all bad. This was a good move.

  40. What's with the "women(tea emoji)" or "men(tea emoji)" thing lately? I've been seeing it everywhere

  41. It’s extremely ironic, because it literally comes from a video MOCKING MISOGYNISTS.

  42. The thing about her is she is so unfunny and self-serious and dull. Average thinker that insists on being seen as wise and deep. Her life has been too easy so she has no charisma and she’s too self-conscious to really push any boundaries. It’s all so boring.

  43. Yeah. It’s a genuine problem that like in an everyday context, people will often judge and value women solely by their physical appearance and not listen to anything they have to say. But being famous for being a model doesn’t mean that you also deserve to be famous for being a philosopher… I’m sure that if she weren’t famous and was just some girl people would think she’s dumber than she is, but that doesn’t mean she’s brilliant enough for anyone to bother listening to her podcast

  44. So here’s my wild theory about the Kardashian family’s fucked up dynamics. I think Kris still sees them as the little girls they once were and branded them as such, even if they actually changed a lot between childhood and adulthood.

  45. i lowkey wonder if some slight colorism also went into kris favoring kim over kourtney. i didn’t realize how kourtney seems to have a darker complexion than kim when they were children

  46. I think both have always been pretty, but Kim had much more conventionally feminine, pretty features until adulthood- that flipped once they were through with puberty. But then Kim got plastic surgery, and it turned out really well. I’ve honestly always thought that the surgeons were copying her features from her teen years, and it worked. Honestly, I think post surgery Kim is prettier than kourtney, but without surgery, it’s the opposite.

  47. Before plastic surgery, kourtney was way prettier than Kim imo, but honestly, Kim had amazing plastic surgery. We can argue over which of her faces has been the best, but the fact is that after the alterations, she just looked very gracile and close to perfect. It actually seems like her surgeons took inspiration from her preteen/teenaged face.

  48. I think I’m addicted to alcohol socially. Don’t have any issue when not drinking, but when I am there is no “just having a few”. Getting loaded every time.

  49. Same. Tbh, after majoring in anthropology and also (somewhat ironically) working at a rehab center, I think the compulsion to keep going once you’ve started is overwhelmingly genetic. Lots of studies have suggested as much.

  50. lol actually not at all, i have wonderful relationships with women in my life both as friends and partners. I’m not condoning chauvinist attitudes among french men here, i’m simply describing what is widely known to be true. Perhaps I’m anti-american but I’m definitely not anti-woman, quite the opposite

  51. You’re pro chauvinism dude lmfao, that’s by definition a misogynist.

  52. I believe there is a biological imperative in what defines our attraction to the opposite sex and these things are somewhat hard coded into us whether we like it or not. You can claim 'masculinity is made up' or a 'social construct' or whatever bc of how you personally define it but the reality is that certain features have persisted in being attractive over time and those 'lindy' features are perhaps best used to define what masculinity and femininity actually are.

  53. 100%. Things like emotional intelligence and empathy among them, and being a roided up douchebag who will collapse from heart failure at 45 not among them.

  54. It's very common in North America but I've never seen one with such chonky legs... big brown ones with the eye on the back.

  55. Wtf? How have I lived in the us my whole life and never heard of these apparently prevalent nightmare demons

  56. Go ahead and scream like a boy. We girls don't need you to sound like us.

  57. OG Spinach has literally never in his life screamed like a lowly female until just now.

  58. The culture has shifted- the vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the way the economy is organized. The issue is that our politics have disconnected from public sentiment.

  59. People wonder why their boomer (or even gen x) parents are so conservative and seem so short sighted, but they forget that they spent the majority of their lives without the internet. Everything was much more immediate and tangible, sure they had news and tv but that was heavily biased. We were raised with constant info about everywhere all the time. We basically all grew up the way some super highly educated cosmopolitan elite may have in their days.

  60. I know I’m ignorant, I’m a straight woman and I wonder, do gay cis men orgasm just from anal?

  61. i’m happy for u :) as a trans woman masochistic enough to read comments on here about trans stuff i’m not surprised by the trolling comments obv but yeah I know a good number of straight trans girls who are in pretty healthy relationships through grindr.

  62. That makes sense, I imagine you’d get a ton of either just ignorant or straight up angry/aggressive trolls on tinder

  63. Me making love to your mom and sleeping over, hogging your seat at the table in the morning and drinking the good OJ

  64. If this actually happened to me I think I’d just burst out laughing at the absurdity of life. I mean kinda mean to my dad tho.

  65. Also stay thin and in shape despite multiple pregnancies, maintain long hair (which is work my friends) and potentially have a side hustle to bring in additional income.

  66. Also, everyone will imply that you just sit at home all day and your husband is the one working hard and sacrificing for his family. The one who at MOST spends 8 hours/day at some job and then is treated like a king at home

  67. Pretty much. It reminds me of that quote. Trad wives were originally very good at cooking clean, etc, but hated it. Now we have nothing but a cheap imitation of their former selves.

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