1. While we don't know what the rewards are or what the evoker uncap reqs are yet, astra is pretty damn easy to get once you're grinding for domains / ULB NWF. Personally I'd rather take a chance at more lusters (assuming they're in that pool) than more astra.

  2. is the remastered adaption gangster af?

  3. I honestly never considered watching or reading anything DQ because I thought it'd just be a generic "nakama" shonen show, but your descriptions have really enticed me. I'm gonna check out the remastered anime for sure now, thanks!

  4. Expect to fall in love with the most "badly written" characters.

  5. Tech bros know jack shit about economics, more news at 11

  6. Man, the word "bro" is pretty much synonymous with "not credible". Reminds me of the youtube finance "bros" and the FTX scandal.

  7. I've gotten the most downvotes ever in my posting history for mentioning similar things here 7 months ago.

  8. I guess upvotes are just a metric of how many people like what you say as opposed to it being anywhere near correct.

  9. Did you draw the line at this and not Canute literally having his own brother assassinated? Lol

  10. Canute hitting Wulf when he's distracted is an interesting scene on its own, showing how he's changed since the first season, but there's another observation from all his other actions this episode:

  11. To me it seems like what happened in season 1 is going to continue in season 2.

  12. Why would he want to do that?... I mean I know why he wants to do that, but why is he trying a mating dance with a species that is clearly not his own.

  13. It isn't filler, it just seems to be original content. Many of the scenes in the PV seem to be expanding on previous events (Ouken on the hill with all the fallen soldiers), so there will be aspects that are related to or enhance the story.

  14. Man this makes no sense. You can have original content that elevates future material too, through adding new elements to their development or just expanding on the factors that will influence them in the future. There isn't a huge wall stopping the story from going anywhere because "future content restricts it".

  15. You can disregard all the logic and definitions and then say "it makes no sense" all you want.

  16. Honestly, he is still a threat even if kicked out of Toman. Probably more so now because he has more incentive to target Takamichi and his associates.

  17. Interesting to say about this (even if I heard the story itself is one of the weakest in the Atelier series) is that the story writer (who also gets the series composition title for this adaption) is none other than the same

  18. I liked the gameplay loop in Ryza 1. Nothing beats a good gameplay loop.

  19. Interesting as the Atelier games are usually driven by their crafting/alchemy gameplay and not their stories. And people seemed to think Atelier Ryza had a weaker story than other Atelier games. Still, I like the Ryza games and will cautiously look forward to this.

  20. imagine that you did this to someone. If in a few days, they followed back up very calmly wanting to address the complaints that you had been venting (hey, I do test and i don't intend to be snippy, can I talk to you about those things so we can figure out I can improve and you're not snarking about me behind my back?) and then letting you off the hook (look man we've all complained about people i get it, in the future please complain about me directly to me so I can get better, but thank you for making the time for this discussion and we can just move past it), how would you feel about that person?

  21. Malicious...alliance / friendship? Probably a terrible choice of words on my part, but I just wanted to say it.

  22. So is this a children's card game battle? Or more programming themed? Say, first developer to develop X amount of features with Y or less amounts of bugs wins?

  23. Next week will be the end of Limit Break since they will once again be airing two episodes back-to-back.

  24. Hopefully that means no more flashbacks

  25. First episode is a flashback, the second episode is a flashback within the flashback.

  26. LPT: Work in the kind of place where OP's tip is good advice.

  27. It's airing in Japan. Today's episode 35 for example.

  28. If you feel like shit, it's because you are not being supported by your company, this includes your boss or manager.

  29. I don't recall enjoying the story at all. Pretty neutral and lukewarm towards it to be honest.

  30. Because they want to watch a generic power fantasy isekai without feeling guilty about doing so.

  31. I remember enjoying the latin american dubbed adaptation in ny childhood.

  32. I think the main reason people don’t want to be considered animals (me included). Is that they do not want to valued as such and be treated as such. Especially when considering the abilities and capabilities of each are completely different.

  33. So people don't want to be labeled as animals because they fear human animals would injure, imprison, or kill them.

  34. Ewiyar turning charms into a buff is an interesting gimmick.

  35. Same mechanic, different name. So earth can still have a functional charm but with a different name.

  36. 100%. Remote is a godsend for folks with family (SO, kids, etc). It's absolutely wretched for those of us who are single at home.

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