1. I also quite like my husbeans. When I'm in the mood. Otherwise I find it to be quite an amusing bit of anatomy. We have come to the same conclusion that during sexy times, a penis can be pretty great. Outside of that, tis a silly thing.

  2. I love (what I assume is a typo) “husbeans” as a nickname for one’s husband’s, um, beans. Not the frank.

  3. It is not a typo. I usually refer to the husbean as husbean. I have not yet referred to his beans as the husbeans.

  4. “I treated women like humans…” but is going to Asia to specifically use a woman for sex. That’s not treating women with humanity.

  5. Presuming that they will use women and not children.

  6. Check him out in Lodge 49 on AMC+. He’s a less-world-weary Dude. It’s a delightful show, marred only by the fact that it ended abruptly after 2 seasons. Still worth the ride.

  7. I love how the dad of the suspect said he was a porn actor and a mormon in the same interview 🤣

  8. To be fair, the average is skewed by people like Margaret Thatcher who fucked entire countries.

  9. This factoid is actually just a statistical error. Average woman has had sex with 20 people. Skanky Georg, who lives in a cave and has sex with 1,000 people a year, is an outlier and should not have been counted.

  10. Thanks, you guys! Thanks to your advice here and at the community on Steam I was able to diagnose and fix my problems (computer problems, anyway) and make my game work again. I've got some new RAM chips coming to make it work even better.

  11. I still think men should have the change from Mr. to Mre or something. Like women go from Ms. to Mrs. I think the last name is between the couple to decide how to handle. I think it should be discussed before you do paperwork for the marriage.

  12. Yeah, I still get "Mrs.'d" at work. I don't throw a fit about it, but if someone asks, it's always Ms. My marital status is irrelevant to my job.

  13. I would have recommended Big Flats, Walgreen's corn-based beer, but that's been gone for a decade. $2.99/sixer.

  14. Oh, yes. Widely derided, hence its no longer being available.

  15. Do NOT fix your spelling error. I enjoy that spelling suggesting the man has a good backside.

  16. Spoon got together in the 90s. We saw them last month and they fucking KILLED. 12/10, highly recommended.

  17. Also went to their show a couple months ago! I assume you went to their tour with Interpol? I am a big Interpol fan so I mostly went to see them but Spoon was awesome!

  18. It was a small show in Ft. Worth that they headlined.

  19. It’s not a “ready” room but a Reddy room. They were invented by 20th Century singer and feminist icon Helen Reddy.

  20. I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore...

  21. Any man who starts a statement with “false” I’m immediately not interested in hearing out

  22. In the 80s, this couplet would start with "you rape 'em, we scrape 'em."

  23. I believe that my void Merlin is the world's sweetest, but this void truly does appear to be a very, very sweet void!

  24. We tried to watch it on MTV, but the audio was so poor and the accents so incomprehensible that we were left with a collective "huh?"

  25. My uncle did the same to me at a Christmas get together when I was 8. He came up to me and said, “Boy, you sure are fat!” And I snapped back with, “Boy, you sure are old!” And then I got in trouble 😂🤦‍♀️

  26. My ahole uncle said, “sounds like snarkypant needs to be put on a treadmill.” Fuck you, dick.

  27. Well they say the first baby can come any time after the wedding, but all the rest take 9 months 😂

  28. Note: that's true for a movie, not for a reality. I'm hating the resurgence of Nazis right now.

  29. Right? That's the only thing the fuckers were ever good for: villains/antagonists in film.

  30. My headcanon is that there are outposts throughout the galaxy, since humans and everyone else discovered warp. Probably most of those outposts are civilian for-profit entities, with others belonging to different civilizations/governments. Everyone who has been out there has been searching pretty much for resources only instead of trying to learn about the planets and lifeforms (while also searching for resources). So while there might be population centers and starbases, no one has really explored the neighboring planets (although the Vulcans probably have done a lot).

  31. It's mature and laudable for a person to admit they made a mistake.

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