1. Every season the same complaints... Just chill, you will get them

  2. I've been playing volleyball, granted not a lot because I only play on my break at work but God damn. I can't win. I'm clearly with a human teammate and we get blown out by the two boys every single game. I'm only a gold rank normally, I'm not good, but I should be able to beat bronze 1 bots???

  3. Havent won a single game of volleyball on bronze 1 either. Its ridiculous

  4. I was expecting more recycling so im really surprised. Its the first time im having a good feeling about an event in a long long time

  5. Im on the opposite: Getting matched with people way above my skill in bronze and getting destroyed almost every game. No fun at all rn

  6. Its really frustrating. I play in silver and have absolutely 0 chance against my opponents who are all insanely good. I win like 1 or 2 from 20 games i play and rn its no fun

  7. So, it doesnt matter i stucked at plat. Im glad

  8. Of course they did this on purpose. Also not a single 2XP weekend during this pass. Its a greedy move, hoping people spend more money to get the most wanted items

  9. Disappointing. I enjoy Batman, but this has nothing at all to do with Halloween other than an Epic cash grab. Haunted Hallows used to have actual fun Halloween items for us to get, not just recycled items that used to be available for purchase a lot cheaper before Epic. Three years in a row of disappointment.

  10. The items aren't bad but this is again no Halloween event...

  11. Every of the 5 items you trade in counts for 20% to the series they belong to. I u have 4 items from s3 and 1 item from s4 there is a 80% chance the trade up item will be from s3

  12. This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

  13. Cool theme, very uninspired and boring items though. Sounds very promising first but they dont put much effort in these rocket passes lately

  14. Insulting other people has nothing to do with competitive gaming

  15. censorship is evil no matter the context. also, what a stupid fucking comment. are you dumb? are you new to gaming?

  16. Im most likely double your age so im pretty sure i was already playing video games before you were even born. Seems like you have some problems handling your hormones

  17. I kinda like the idea but it wouldnt work well. What if 1 teammate doesnt show up? Then u have 3 games 2vs3. Longer waiting times. What about 2nd Chance? I think the system how it is rn works fine

  18. This game is already losing players like crazy, so no. Everybody is sick of the amateurism, trolls, afkers, ragequitters and lack of a decent matchmaking system.

  19. But we have seen those complaints over all these years, still people cant or wont stop playing. Dont u think og player base and enough of f2p players will stay to keep the game alive?

  20. Probably dead because of stupidity

  21. Isn't that how birthday works though ? You buy something for the that person ? 😂

  22. But you dont buy anything FROM the person who's birthday is, right? That would be weird i guess

  23. I completely agree but just playing devil's advocate here: what if they took away some of the ridiculous cars (twisted metal ice cream truck for instance) and there were maybe 5 (Octane, Dominus, Fennec, Skyline, Maverick)? Wouldn't we all be upset at the variety? It's like they're damned if they do and damned if they don't.

  24. Variety is good, i have like 50 different cars and use almost all of them;) But thats not the point: Offering these cars (which is also recycled content) 10x higher than their original price and call this an 'Event' is just fucked up. In the past events gave us some new free cosmetics to grind for, also golden gifts, it felt new and fresh. Now its just recycled content for almost a year and its getting really stale

  25. As I said lower DLCs were fine but then we had mostly crates and almost no DLC even before Epic.

  26. Thats not true. There were lots of dlcs, i bought 25+ cars which were all included in low-priced dlcs

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