Its my first build and i proud of it considering im an idiot

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  1. Were you doing a side slip on landing? Super cool bro

  2. not gonna lie, didnt know thats what it was called til i google it lol there was a super hard cross wind on landing so i was sort of flying sideways correcting with rudder. had no idea it had a name for that lol

  3. just a knock off go pro. i think was like $40 on amazon

  4. I keep picturing the events they have in Michigan and stuff, knowing that's not at all what this is going to be like. Unless they have discounts on product, I don't see this being much of an exciting event.

  5. I wanted to reply again letting you know about bloom in Akron. I went there for the first time about a half hour ago and had one of the best dispensary experiences I have ever had. If botanist was a nine then this place was a 10. Just another place you might want to check out. They are super friendly and helpful

  6. The botanist in Canton or Akron are the best around.

  7. Thanks for all the info everyone. Im excited to check it out. As far as I know we will just be crossing through Monroe so Ill check out the ones listed online before I go.

  8. Have you tried just calibrating your ESC throttle range

  9. Are you sure you’re turning on mesh bed leveling? Does it turn on after homing? There’s settings in Marlin that can be adjusted, but make sure your start G-code has the m420 s1 command after your print start g28. Make sure to save the mesh too.

  10. When I added that command to start Gcode it just said error command not recognized and ignored it. As smp1990 said, it seems to be using the mesh by default. The Z coordinate moves as it is printing

  11. Big fan of your channel. Im running into the same issue on my pi running klipper so I'm not sure it's the sonic pad, but even switching to Marlin the issue persists. We shouldn't have to lower a corner after mesh but it's the only way I can get it to print with mesh enabled. Try disabling bed leveling, I noticed an immediate improvement. Not sure how on Klipper but when I switch to another firmware the issue stayed till I disabled leveling. It's possible it's frame or gantry being slightly skewed, but watching your vids I doubt that's your issue.

  12. Klipper will automatically load your default bed level. No need for start g code.

  13. I had the exact same issue. Just use unscented hairspray and spray a thin layer before you print. Haven't had an issue since. I only have to do this on my glass bed. When the bed cools the part slides right off

  14. The writing on the propeller should always face forward. It sounds like you have the propeller on backwards and the motor reversed. Make sure the writing is facing forward and then change your motor wires to make it produce thrust in the correct direction

  15. If it does please let us know! Any internet pics?


  17. I have that same card, or similar. Asus dual. Any chance you could show some more photos of the install and maybe parts used/stls? I'm pumped, I would love to do this to my card!!

  18. I'm not sure what video card you have, but you may want to move it to the top PCI Express slot. Theoretically it shouldn't bottleneck anything but a real high-end card, but better safe than sorry

  19. the way i remember it is, beards are cool but mullets are not.... always helps me put it on the right way


  21. You could get the flite test power packs and it includes a esc, motor and survos and no soldering is neaded

  22. Exactly this. If you are new and just want to get in the air, check out the power packs.

  23. had to google it. ret·i·cence/ˈredəsəns/ noun

  24. Back in stock!! just bought mine!

  25. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!!!

  26. Pretty sure you're getting your 8pin pci Express mixed with your 8pin cpu power cord. Very similar, but not th same

  27. Im looking to repaste my rx480 red devil. My only issue is im not sure the thermal pads on vrm and memory will be able to be reused. Does any one know the dimensions on replacement thermal pads?

  28. You'll be fine keeping the old ones, if you do want to replace most come in sheets or strips you cut to size yourself

  29. I'm more worried about thickness. I should have been more specific. I think the vrm and memory use differnet thicknesses.

  30. 😂 OP might have just played themselves, that or we just have gotten

  31. this happens to me when i watch ufd tech

  32. i cannot be the only one that read sick as in sick!!!, like badass mofo. I suppose he could be a sick ass viking who also was constipated.

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