1. That is a cool shop/building at the end there! Do you work at the science center?

  2. Yes, in Science Centre Ahhaa located in Estonia, Tartu. This is just a small side project of ours, there's so much more here.

  3. About ten minutes was maximum with the battery we used.

  4. lmao, a pulsejet pallet powered jack, a production line arm :D in a silo :D who is this guy

  5. not really one guy, but rather Science Centre in Estonia!

  6. I'm actually surprised it can pull he's own weight, did you remove any internal components other than the batteries ?

  7. no, only the batteries was removed, everything else is still intact

  8. Why did it leak flames right behind you?!

  9. That's propane, burns really well

  10. Compared to a truck, how loud was it?

  11. That really depends on the truck, but you can easily compare it with the loudness of an airplane turbine. Let's just say that not wearing any sort of ear protection was quite unpleasant.

  12. Seems loud and slow, and one pebble on the runway away from the driver eating pavement with a few hundred degrees of jet falling onto them.

  13. Not really practical indeed... Actually the phone on the handle fell off during the test drive. Fortunately still works.

  14. One sharp turn of that handle and you're going ass over flaming teakettle down the tarmac.

  15. Oh yeah.. or a small rock on bump on the road... That's why we tried it at the airport.

  16. Can visitors of AHHAA centre drive this thing?

  17. If they're brave enough to try it...

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