1. You want people to either ignore you entirely, or engage in conversations every time they see you?

  2. I just don’t understand why someone would look at me, then just walk away after I ask them how they’re doing. It takes seconds to say “I’m ok, thank you for asking” or “I’m ok, how are you?”

  3. In the grand scheme of things this is probably not going to be as reliable as a Honda or Toyota. But it will cost you less up front, and we can't say for sure that it's going to have major repair bills in the future.

  4. I can’t find a single Toyota RAV4 or Honda Pilot/CR-V in my price range, near me. The cheapest RAV4 I found was a 2009, with 168k miles for 13k, and it’s 2 hours a way from me.

  5. They want you to claim your non reported tips - the cash you get. I would NOT do that if you aren't reporting the cash to the IRS.

  6. If they show up on my paystub, they’re reported right? I’m a cook part time. The customers tip the kitchen, then the owner reports the tips, and gives us what’s left over. The amount of tip money we get, is less than what’s on our time cards. All of our tips are credit card based.

  7. If all of your tips are credit card based then all of your tips show up on your paystubs so there is nothing else to report in the "other income" box. You have no other income.

  8. Ok maybe I’m mistaken, and I’m definitely confused. When customers tip us, our boss calculates how much we receive, and gives us cash out of the restaurant earnings. Our boss writes down the original amount on our time cards, then gives us what’s remaining after deductions. The cash we receive is what’s left over after deductions. Does that mean she reports it to the IRS?

  9. They'll go by year to date of your most recent stub.

  10. Ok thank you. This past year, my hours got cut at work. I got another job. But my regular hours were restored at my main job. And im going back to school in January, so I won’t be working the restaurant job anymore.

  11. This also may seem like an odd question, but under the employment section, you can add if you’re a student or not. I’m going back to school next month, but don’t know whether or not I should include that? I technically am a student with the acceptance letter, I just haven’t started yet. Do I put that on my application?

  12. They’re on my paystubs, so I assume they’re claimed? The net pay box, is my exact paycheck amount, but that doesn’t include the tips I get every week

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