1. Posts like these turning this place into a clown show.

  2. We don't get many lighthearted posts here friend I can handle this one plus its really not for nothing. We shouldn't be simping for any cops and that starts with your fantasies about jenny

  3. I'm just saying, if I had to be sexually harassed by an officer.... Nurse Joy is the real MVP clone army though.

  4. He didn't advocate people on Trumps political opinions or force people to support him. He just voiced out his support for Trump and he got shit on by the public.

  5. Fuck that don't come to the US its ass here definitely gonna have to learn English though don't be scared to rap in Japanese though and just throw a few English words in there if it sounds dope

  6. Although I disagree with the sentiment that is true he does kiss birdman lmao

  7. Just to answer your question I was 1st born and apparently a very easy baby and child my brother on the other hand was a living hell and I know my mom regrets him heavily so yea it can definitely happen especially if your second kid gets developmental issues or disabilities

  8. With all the posts like this I'm leaving this subreddit.

  9. Nah fuck that stay and clown these small dicked tankies with us I ain't letting them take over shit

  10. It is a frequently repeated expression on right wing propaganda outlets that “This is the most important election ever!” usually because they want their listeners to believe Gore / Kerry / Obama / Clinton / Biden is going to start gulags.

  11. It's sad there's always some shit show every election so you're forced to vote Democrat even though they've been running on codifing roe since what Obama? And they never actually did it because they're fucking useless. We're just gonna slip further and further into fascism because the democrats refuse to do any real change.

  12. Democrat leadership is too old, too white, too wealthy to make effective change. Frankly, I don’t think they care about much of anything except themselves and their positions.

  13. Exactly it's the only reason I even bother voting is because the alternative is literally nazis. But my people are still in ICE's cages. They don't talk about it on the news anymore since biden won. I guess no one cares as long as the president doesn't wear a red hat. Sad really.

  14. As if the U.S. isn’t? Just ask the black community, and look up information on the surveillance state that is being put together in this country with help from big data, and seems like you don’t know about the Indian genocide.

  15. Ofcourse the U.S. is doing the same thing you can hate both countries lmao

  16. And u don't know me very well. To each their own and live and let live, but once it intrudes its over.

  17. You are cringe as fuck and you're not tough just cut the act Karen. Those homeless people will stab you death and you will have deserved it I know I'd be laughing my ass off

  18. I think this is the first time I've visited this sub and I have to say - you people are deranged. You sound like some angry teen with PTSD or something and you are calling the person who would prioritise their children "cringe as fuck".

  19. Prioritize them from what? From seeing homeless people? And so by not wanting them to see homeless people they want to destroy there homes and destroy what little they have? Buddy id lead the homeless people to your house and give them a lighter and a canister of gasoline. If you destroy there home im perfectly fine with them destroying yours. Don't want to see homeless people? Take it up with your representative because they aren't building enough shelters or building enough affordable housing for them. Fuck with the homeless you can go fuck yourself

  20. I always love watching this clip. I just noticed is the guy punching the nazi a white guy or black guy? I always thought it was a black guy but seeing it now he kind of looks white. Which I kind of think is funnier to get the shit rocked out you by a white guy not playing no racist shit.

  21. Why the fuck would you have a kid knowing you're diagnosed and have family history of it? If your kid suffers it's your fault plain and simple. You're selfish for having kids knowing what has a very good chance of happening and yet you did it anyway. What a fool

  22. Just because you have a mental illness doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have children. You don’t know the heritability of a disease. Genetics are tricky. You can’t simply wipe out disease.

  23. Why take the chance though? It's a very stupid chance to make. If his mother was schizo and so is he why the would you chance bringing life into the world that has a very good chance of suffering? Schizo isn't just some anxiety disorder its a very serious disorder. I would think that a guy that has suicidal thoughts wouldn't bring life into this world if he himself have thoughts of not even wanting to be here. It's idiotic

  24. why... why, why do people have to be so fuckin retarded about everything?

  25. I'm guessing you never saw all those posts during peak covid of the pee drinkers saying it was the cure.

  26. Thats OK, I'm not really worried about a 14 year old's opinion on it or myself lol. I'm just saying it how it is, I'm not forcing you to agree with me.

  27. So you're sexually attracted to children? Edit: atleast the LOOK of children

  28. Schizoaffective disorder (SZA) is not a more mild form of schizophrenia (SZ). SZA is basically SZ with a mood disorder (either bipolar or depression).

  29. You can also be schizoaffective autistic right? I'm not sure on that genuine question

  30. No? You can have schizoaffective disorder and also have ASD.

  31. I know you can have both im asking would it be classified as schizoaffective autistic or would it be separate like schizophrenia and autistic I know its fundamentally the same thing im just asking if it makes you schizoaffective or or just schizophrenia with an additional diagnosis

  32. Every medication works on everyone differently our experiences won't help you with the medication you just have to take whatever they give you as prescribed and see if it helps you

  33. I've cried to Mac Miller's music before. Mainly music from swimming after his passing.

  34. Thats exactly what I was thinking how blind to you have to be to see yourself as a goat when you're nav

  35. After reading these comments I know what I’m about to say is going to be unpopular. While I can’t say that it’s WRONG to want to leave (or even actually leave) the country… stuff like this can happen anywhere, and is happening in a lot of places. I think there’s something to be said for fighting for your country and dismantling the systems of oppression. I honestly can’t say that we’ve truly stood our ground or fought to take back our country… and that’s why leaving seems a lot more like giving up to me. And if we can’t fight here, we’re not going to be able to fight somewhere else. Not everyone can fight, and not everyone can leave… but many of us can do a whole hell of a lot more than we are. That being said, I do believe it’s important to do what you believe is best for yourself and those you care about.

  36. The problem in my mind is even if you stay and fight the fascists even if let's say you win, then what? We're just going to return to a neoliberal hell hole unless you plan on taking on both the fascists and neoliberals it will still end in a bullshit place that I don't want to live in

  37. Only difference I'd make is big l and Ghostface killa to advance

  38. I'm tripping I meant to say I wanted j cole and Redman to advance idk how I got confused there

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