1. Going by Nordstream logic, these attacks were definitely false flags perpetrated by the British Columbian state.

  2. For the sake of discussion let’s accept your premise and let’s also assume your objective of “abolition of landlordism” is achieved; then what? No landlords means no rental units…so then…where do current renters live?

  3. Uh… I said abolish landlords, not abolish housing, didn’t I? Fuck people are fucking thick.

  4. Looking past your incivility, let’s dig into your proposal. Landlords of residential properties currently provide housing, by definition. When landlords are abolished as you propose, the units of housing they have been providing will be removed from the market. So the proposal to abolish landlords will in fact abolish the housing they provided. So with this logic matrix spelled out, I’ll rephrase my original question: when landlords are told to take their ball and go home, where are their current and future tenants going to find housing? Perhaps an example would be illustrative: Joe Landlord rents out his basement suite to Jane Tenant. Smart-redditor-123 leads a party that forms a majority provincial government that enacts legislation to abolish being a landlord. Joe Landlord evicts Jane Tenant so as to not engage in illegal activity. All other landlords shutter their suites. Where does Jane Tenant live now?

  5. The very same houses they were already inhabiting. Again, how do otherwise intelligent people actually think landlords provide housing?- or conflate landlords with housing? Construction workers provide housing. Landlords hoard it and rent it out for profit. One of these is a labour providing wealth to society; the other is a rent-seeking parasite. Is this really so difficult to grasp?

  6. It’s really too bad that whoever took the case allowed some of the more esoteric, salacious, and frankly stupid conspiracy theories to poison an otherwise plausible and very serious case. That the virus exists and wasn’t some nefarious plot is accepted by anyone with two brain cells to rub together; but that the mandates represented an extraordinarily threatening development of biopolitics by a state that is (among other things) eugenicist, oligarchic, and shows it’s increasing antipathy towards humanity every passing day takes at least 3 brain cells to arrive at (plus of course healthy skepticism of the neoliberal order and rightful skepticism of authority in general).

  7. Typical rightoid brainlet rage. As long as they’re just sloganeering, no harm done, right…?

  8. If only there was some way we could direct popular anger and widespread immiseration against the bourgeois ruling class… 🙄

  9. The members are justified if the union is doing nothing. Honestly we need more workers to protest in this manner if it gets the companies to actually do something that benefits it's workers.

  10. You definitely belong on Facebook.

  11. Yes, YES, YES. This is more like it! Strike at the airport! Strike at the ports, strike, strike, strike! Workers of all lands, unite!

  12. “Slava Ukraina, you Banderite fucks” I always say whenever I see the blue and yellow on someone’s car or in someone’s window (which is a lot in Western Canada). And now their idiotic TV-show president is abjectly following the Mussolini playbook and also taking orders pretty much direct from Western oligarch vulture capitalists. How much longer will our societies continue to support this blatant two-faced oligarchy and its anti-human, anti-worker agenda?

  13. Notice how the title is implying the strike is bad for us and we should be against it. And then the tone of the article. JoUrNaLiSm

  14. Maybe the google review fairies should visit pacific coast distribution and mention that they’re lowdown scabs.

  15. Lol. Wasn’t expecting much of a response, but since you offered yourself up for intellectual disembowelment: there’s a class war going on, and your sniveling, craven bootlicking attitude is what gives the bourgeoisie more power over us. Cut that shit out. Grow a spine, learn some principles, get in the fight on the right side. Should be nothing wrong with calling a scab a scab.

  16. Anyone in CUPE want to start an informal committee to try and brainstorm and strategize on how to get the best out of our upcoming bargaining? I’m feeling a bit skeptical of how effective our representatives will be. I further think we should absolutely be preparing for a strike when we’re inevitably frustrated by management not meeting COLA demands.

  17. Yer just straight up wrong on this one, chief. As long as we chafe under the yoke of capital, then may we at least have the relief valve and propaganda of the deed of telling owners of capital that no, you can’t have it your way. No you can’t have nice clean walls either saying nothing or selling whatever dumb crap you want us to consume for “tHe EcOnOmY” or whatever; as long as we chafe under the rule of messrs capitalists, their walls are ours to do as we please with, and shall be used to spread messages of love and hope against the nihilism and despair of your greedy bullshit world.

  18. do these people even sit for a minute to think through their brain dead takes?

  19. Based as fuck actually, what’s your problem?- bit of a bourgeois yourself perhaps, hmm?

  20. You should give me your stuff you aren't using too. Don't be so bourgeois.

  21. Why did I try reading the comments expecting anything other than bootlicking, unconditional defense of police violence, and calls for expansion of policing?

  22. As many others have pointed out, this won't solve a thing. Everyone knows they will simply move and set up shop there. Then people will complain and the cycle begins again. Ideally, there would be adequate mental health and addiction supports, and supervised housing. But that would be really expensive and not a priority for COV. Really sad.

  23. It’s a bit out of CoV’s scope, too. It feels like every level of government is trying to pass the buck.

  24. Sean Orr is a renter and I know that the Democratic Socialist of Vancouver is pretty involved in renter advocacy. Vote Socialist and COPE have the most cross over with the Vancouver Tenant's Union.

  25. Holy shit Twitter comments are a cesspool. Bunch of deranged poverty and anarchy advocates

  26. The Socialist Party, that just running a single candidate for council, Sean Orr, has explicitly called for raising property taxes and leveraging revenues to help build shit tons of social housing in Shaughnessy and the West Side.

  27. Fucking based as fuck, might I add. This agenda would be awesome if we could actually get a whole slate of socialist candidates to run and effectively hold Vancouver’s bourgeoisie hostage with some kind of general strike/ port shutdown action… :D

  28. DCWU says:

    They get integrated back into society. Get a job and pay rent. Like normal citizens.

  29. unfortunately the olympics makes this issue worse. for the 2010 olympics the government did a cruel “clean-up” which basically destroyed these peoples homes without giving them any resources. they were put on busses with promises of help but were dumped in cities in the mainland with little to no support. i live in one of these cities and since then our homeless population has spiked, we arent equipped to deal with such a large population compared to bigger cities on the coast. so yes, i guess it would make it look “presentable” but then they’re putting their problems on other cities with 1/8th the resources vancouver and surrounding area has. if you’re thinking this problem is solved simply with erasing these people from sight, then you need to reevaluate your morals, find some empathy, and start considering these “crackheads” as actual people instead of litter on the street.

  30. Whoa whoa, mmmkay, just lettin ya know, that is a truly EPIC empathetic leap you’re asking of people here.

  31. Happily?- no not really. It’s just sad, too, that people either in this situation or not accept it. The idea that “30% of your income on rent” is a feel-good sound byte from political hacks who’re trying to sound progressive while also assuaging their consciences that it’s simply “capitalism’s fault” (which it is), but also absolving them of doing anything about it (because our political sensibilities are deeply reactionary, and any kind of popular and effective action against housing profiteers, landlords etc is too spicy for the ruling class and their middle-class lapdogs). So people broadly accept a socio-economic-judicial axis of power in our society that largely exists parasitically on the wages of the most exploited workers already!- it’s shameful, and it’s disgusting. And the open simping for the perpetuation of this vestigial set of exploitative relations is shameful and disgusting too. Fight me.

  32. For now. If the system were to go full private, you think the companies would keep paying them those high wages and provide them with good work-life balance just out of the kindness of their hearts? They'd claw back wages, get rid of hard-fought workers' rights, and then people (both workers and patients) would really suffer. It's a siren song.

  33. Quite. Never think that capitalists do anything out of altruism- that’s expressly antithetical to their worldview.

  34. Personally I think this "system bug" is actually a feature.

  35. You seem like you'd be the type of male feminist who uses activism to bang chicks.

  36. Like I said. Ya don’t know shit. Keep on driving and being cringe, I guess.

  37. Until the Boomer generation is finally ready to give up the driver's seat, which is unlikely to happen for at least another decade, I wouldn't expect any meaningful changes to the status quo.

  38. It’s not a generational war, it’s a class war, and although boomers skew bougie, don’t confuse them with the real enemy.

  39. Perfectly capable according to you, but addiction is a form of self medication. He's suffering something you probably have no idea about.

  40. Exactly, why can’t normies fucking figure this out- a lot of working people have given up on “playing by the rules” and “being a contributing member of society” because they’ve already tried and got burned- why contribute to a society that’s brutally alienating, conformist, and doesn’t really have all that much social mobility and reward for hard work etc- the game’s been rigged since long before any of us were playing, by the capitalist class that continues to fuck the proletariat over and over again.

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