1. Elijah Moore is startable again with no more Zach Wilson

  2. probably for the best if they intend on playing him again this season

  3. So the Bears are always going to be cute about what they say regarding an injury to any player - but him practicing has to be a good sign right? RIGHT?

  4. Unless a clear upgrade like Ekeler, Henry, or Chubb become available at RB its not worth trading Saquon

  5. need aiyuk to get less then 15 to win - i had boyd and williams as wrs today - im fucked aren’t i?

  6. up 15.5 against aiyuk tomorrow - would’ve won if i hadn’t dropped palmer to readd williams from IR

  7. .5 PPR already have Fields but no TE because of Ertz injury:

  8. I would rather have Foreman since I think he is the center point of that offense - do you mind also taking a look at

  9. lamar for juju? i have fields but need wr/flex starters .5 PPR

  10. if it’s one game i can afford him being out trying to acquire for a playoff push - just have to make sure it’s not more than one game but not making the trade until i see the injury report

  11. i’m down .5 with the eagles defense to go for me

  12. crowd in philly must've really gotten under his skin huh lmao?

  13. was so mad to see yadi and pujols celebrate around injured ryan howard in 2011 so to send them to retirement was extra sweet especially celebrating on the cardinals field

  14. that game 1 hit against the cardinals is always going to be legendary and was the hit of his career

  15. the crowds being back at CBP - seeing that sea of red and white (and now powder blue too) after so many years of empty blue seats still sends chills down my spine

  16. you should still get it - this team made phillies baseball cool again

  17. i’m not going to lie - if the astros had beaten the nats and braves especially the braves this would be less painful - sucks to lose to the team that gave two of our rivals a ring

  18. these phillies will always be the team that revived phillies baseball - now it’s time to make sure that the organization gives us more good memories and teams over the next 11 years - relevance and playing important baseball was too addictive - cannot go back to irrelevance

  19. i feel awful for jose - he really did step up when it mattered most before this WS throughout the playoffs but his legacy is going to be the two bad performances in the WS and it sucks because seeing him go from what he did in the regular season to just stepping it up in the playoffs was amazing

  20. best phans in mlb - if i were back home i’d join you - these guys deserve to be loved even if they fell a bit short!

  21. i’m not defending the call but whoever was in that situation had to come away with 0 runs - if wheeler had stayed in and only given up 1 run we still would have lost - the offense was dead and unable to produce more runs and topper knew it so he panicked. i blame the offense more than him

  22. good luck to whatever franchise pays him as much as boras would want - love rhys the person but he’s too streaky and thus unreliable to pay especially when there are better additions to the lineup or rotation that can be added instead - gotta let go of the sentimentality around rhys unfortunately

  23. pain and tears after tonight only means you’ve suffered the last 11 years and don’t ever want to go back to that pain after this october magic.

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