IMO, this is the chart we should be tracking. Assume that anyone who isn't an ape or an insider will paper hand during the squeeze, either to get profits or to protect themselves from the tidal wave. 48% of the company is actually locked, can we break 50% before earnings?

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  1. Pre-Barnaldo post era UIHC - $20 to .30 Post-Barnaldo post era UIHC - .30 to ?? Was there a stock split? Dilution? Or Are you predicting the crash that seems to have already happened? Or

  2. Lonzo had a great college season and was a great pass first pg. not mad we picked him at all. He has high IQ, great defense, and playmaking. And obvs no one expected Tatum to be this good. We would of had to trade him to the pels most likely as well

  3. I have no problem with him winning MVP currently but I do wonder if some of his defensive impact is getting a bit overblown. The Celtics sit 20th in drtg after yesterday at 112.4 and Tatum himself sits at 111.9.

  4. Look at his numbers guarding Luka. Not overblown, underrated due to metrics like this.

  5. It's more like hearing the president (or somebody famous) is going to eat at chipotle. Obviously the transaction is not the highlight, it's the fact that a famous person is eating at chipotle.

  6. You mean the Kornet Kontest hasn’t vaulted them to the top of the NBA in defense?

  7. Lol the "so far" part is kinda the key to your fantasy here. A lot of assumptions, and my only point was to say these assumptions (like a low attempt shooting % staying at the same % when more attempts are made) are not supported by what we know from statistics. You can think what you want, but the assumption is wrong.

  8. So far equals 1/4 of the season, this is a damn good offense and will continue to be. Ok maybe not 6 pts, 5pts easy.

  9. Yeah it's great, but expect some level of regression. Or don't. I really don't care.

  10. Honestly, controversial opinion given that we all want JB/JT to get the individual credit that they deserve, but I don't really think a Celtic should win MVP this year because of the nature for what the award stands for.

  11. Why not just sell lower delta on stocks that aren’t volatile? Can’t you mitigate the risk of assignment? Just don’t be greedy and buy back in the unlikely case it gets close to assignment.

  12. And he would be the clear favorite for MVP! None of this ‘Luka carries a bad team so he is MVP’ bullshit would hold water.

  13. Everyone saying ‘call 811’, this could be on private property. 811 doesn’t mark private property. That’s the owners responsibility. Looks like an easement possibly, not sure if 811 would mark easements.

  14. Good thing basketball is a team sport lol

  15. No more ridiculous than taking each of them off their team like the post I’m responding to. That’s the point I’m making, the hypothetical “how good is the supporting cast” is nonsense and is no more useful than saying the opposite. Hypotheticals are useless. Who is MVP in current condition of the whole league not some made up condition. JT is easily the current MVP in my opinion.

  16. If the award was "The best on the best team" I would agree with you but its most Valuable player. So who has more value for their team.


  18. Why try for the breakout. Buy the bottom line, sell the top line. The word buy is in the wrong place.

  19. It went back on RegSho Nov 14th. But I can’t count to 13 and don’t know if weekends are included.

  20. T+13 is nov 30 and T+35 is Jan 1 if nothing happens near nov 30 wait until a week before Jan 1 based on other meme stock charts

  21. It would be fine. There will be more than enough people to go outside and bang on pots for moral support.

  22. It wasn’t. They sold fake things and never bought the underlying. It will have no effect on GME price. People who bought them loose their money. That’s it.

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