1. Not good speakers or overpriced? Or both?

  2. My mistake, I was thinking of another model. That’s a good deal if the drivers are ok.

  3. What I meant to say is that older speakers often do not match up with modern ones. Most of the old, big, multi-driver Kenwood, Pioneer, Sansui, Bose, etc., speakers with wood or veneer cabinets look impressive but are underwhelming. Even the famed KLH and AR speakers do not compare IMHO.

  4. So what you meant to say is be wary of some brands of vintage speakers vs what you said ?

  5. Q150s have a F3 in the mid 50s, they don't need a sub for most music at reasonable levels.

  6. It's literally spring. We have almost a month until it's summer. Normally spring in Ohio is quite rainy.

  7. Sliced it the wrong way, should be against the grain, not with it. Would be more tender.

  8. True, wife sliced it. Didn’t have the heart to tell her after the fact.

  9. You are about to enter a deep, black hole of incompetence and frustration.

  10. Friday is a great day. Less crowds than weekend. Outer lots and shuttle is the way.

  11. I wonder if the chickens inside are bothered by the loud noises.

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