1. Correct me if I'm wrong but you're not meant to throw proper punch with brass nuckles?

  2. Nope. You'll break your hand if you do. You're supposed to kinda slash with them so it cuts the skin. Pretty gnarly stuff

  3. Stfu you fucking encrusted testicle my boy you look like a double dip chocolate chip grip slip charcoal slim jim with a gargomanosa mister krunckahunchfag no fuckin feet stomachs balls fachers step dad beatchu waffleball bat you curled into a ball like an autistic bakugon you live in a sophisticated mud hut your washing machine is a bucket of water you shake it now you brush your teeth with your grandpa's back scratcher

  4. Tuck your elbows in first things first. Other than that you should pull your teeps back. With those long limbs those will make it pretty hard to get close. Also hip rotation in your elbows.

  5. Keep your left hand up. Thats probably my only suggestion. Other than that its pretty good.

  6. Because kOgA hAs a gOoD eYe anD iS tAleNtEd aS fuCk. I agree with you on this one. Sandro is just trying to create a new ohma from koga.

  7. As much as we joke about fat acceptance now, you have to remember the generation that pushed for it most (millenials) were raised like this, where being overweight was made out to be disgusting and shameful, and anorexia was glamorised obscenely in magazines and media.

  8. That was clean af. You have long limbs as well. Whats your height&weight?

  9. I like every elbow. I'm very enthusiastic about elbows. Elbows are a way of life. I particularly like elbow uppercuts

  10. dont do the leg thing pls, at least not in public until you know that you can do it so that it looks natural.

  11. Why shouldn't he? He will get better over time and i dont think that even 5% of the beach could do what he did. He should be proud

  12. Youre dropping your core a little bit in the late reps. Be sure to squeeze your core from start to finish

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