1. I never have had a pan seared steak before thought it wouldn’t be the same but turns out they are pretty good

  2. I absolutely love the cloak! The fur texture pops.

  3. I'm amazed I didn't know about this. I was familiar with the one at Lathalmond. Hopefully I can get to it soon!

  4. Please do! The garage isn't open all the time so make sure to check on the website before you plan your trip! (

  5. Small question, is it a hireable venue? I haven't got any bright ideas forming yet but always keeping an eye on big cool spaces.

  6. No unfortunately it is not. It's a good idea that I can bring up to the trust though.

  7. I found similar item(s) posted recently:

  8. Just a small correction, Mexico actually won the Second French Intervention. It ended with the withdrawl of French troops and the Execution of Emperor Maximilian I.

  9. The history of laundry isn't exactly as well researched as say the history of war. It can be expected that people washed their clothes in rivers or streams for millennia. We do have evidence of Laundering in a couple ancient world sources mostly in ancient Egypt and Rome.

  10. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: it's complicated.

  11. Could you maybe expand on this Franco-Mexican Empire? Is it nearly as amazing as it sounds?

  12. I wish there was a cool elegant answer but the real reason is globalised trade and usability.

  13. I believe you are asking was it common place for leaders to display good foresight and planning for future generations.

  14. To add to my comment a good example of what happens when a dynasty only thinks about continuing their reign definitely the Austrian Habsburgs.

  15. The majority leader of the Senate is Mitch McConnell aka the turtle so it's probably him.

  16. Nexus has always been my favourite way to get any mods for any game! I love the new look.

  17. You mentioned listening to Mike Duncan's history of rome if you like his style of presentation I can wholeheartedly recommend his new series revolutions. It focuses on a variety of revolutions from the American revolution and English civil war to his current coverage of the revolutions of 1848. Following this same theme of podcasts I also recommend checking out Dan Carlin's hardcore history which is my personal favourite when it comes to history podcasts. If you are interested in England specifically from the fall of rome to 1000AD I would recommend the history of England by David Crowther.

  18. I'm terribly sorry I just noticed you had focused more on literature than podcasts. I will admit my knowledge of the middle ages needs work so I really only have one book that you may want to add which would be The Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe from 400 to 1000 by Chris Wickham. It is quite a dense read and entertaining from a academic view although is admittedly less of a page turner than some. Hopefully it should give you good ideas on what specific time periods and places you wish to explore further.

  19. If you enjoy space and the idea of building your own rockets I would look into Kerbal Space Program.

  20. Played shogun and Rome many moons ago, is warhammer related/any good?

  21. Depends if you like Total War for the historical battles or just like battling. Warhammer is a really fresh and fun addition that I whole heartly recommend but it brings in things like helicopters and magic which are absent from the previous titles.

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