1. Been looking for this and I’m honestly glad no one’s suggested Warning by Queensryche

  2. Zero chance wrestling media broke this before actual business media.

  3. Yeah only sheets have been talking about this. As I was saying to a friend earlier, when WWE sells, regardless to whom but especially if it is to the Saudis, it’ll be all over the actual news.

  4. I basically don’t use my desktop computer any more unless I’m working, I don’t want to be in front of it when I’m off. And our consoles are hooked up to the main tv so I don’t really take to take it over unless it’s something I’ve not played before.

  5. Call me old fashioned but I think if your bosses come to have a talk with you after you run them, the company and their friends down and make accusations on a press conference and you assault them for it you should lose your job.

  6. If it’s yer wan off iRadio it’s spelt Justiy but heads up, I can’t find any specific songs by him aside from one single on Spotify. He mostly just seems to do club mixes.

  7. I don’t think Cody ever wanted to truly leave WWE as much as he needed to leave WWE back when he asked to be released. His goal had been to be a top guy in WWE and I doubt that ever changed. He just took a route to circumvent WWE’s glass ceiling.

  8. Around the time he left WWE I remember him talking about how Dusty told him he needed to get out of WWE and try his hand at the indies and stand by himself, I’ve always felt that he was largely motivated by not having done it before Dusty passed.

  9. Well they live together and they share a lawyer, and it works for them.

  10. This is a solid piece of evidence for the “backwards season theory”. Watching it with the episode order reversed has this scene immediately follow the end of episode 6, as if YG remembers the things he saw upstairs but can’t fully comprehend them as he’s back to his old rusty batteries.

  11. Yeah I think they want us to pour over it and try as many different ways to go through it as possible. The shredding of the book pretty blatantly says they’re not going to hand us any answers to the lore, at least none we can use. I also wonder if Electricity, Death and Family are an order to watch given how those are the only key items we see in Lesley’s room.

  12. Am I the only one who associated this with the events of Friendship rather than the events of Electricity?

  13. The main thing that says, to me, it’s episode 6 is that Transport has pretty strong foreshadowing to Electricity. Yellow Guy talks about seeing “another me” and then sees the smart version of himself reflected in the car window later in the episode.

  14. She’s a great, solid wrestler, one of these people who’s potential seems to be kinda squandered in their women’s division. You could easily build a main event fued with her and like, Shida, Statlander or Athena.

  15. I figure he got suspended for no showing the Fan Fest but the plan was for him to come back after the suspension and get a main even push. Or at least I did, until the media scrum. Now I’m thinking if Kahn is dumb enough to let Punk humiliate him and his employees like that maybe he is dumb enough to work an MJF angle by having him no show.

  16. Britt has go away heat with me they’ve pushed her almost exclusively to the detriment of most of the women in the locker room. A break from that would be a breath of fresh air tbh.

  17. Britt has go away heat with me they’ve pushed her almost exclusively to the detriment of most of the women in the locker room. A break from that would be a breath of fresh air tbh.

  18. I’m pretty sure they’re doing Bring back the Bomb since I’ve seen clips from this tour of Putin with his hands cut off

  19. Yeah I watched their Wacken set livestreamed, they played both Bring Back The Bomb and Immortal Corrupter.

  20. Omega will be more involved with the elite storyline. I don’t think he will enter the storyline with Mox/ Punk/ and Jericho, unless Punk’s return is later than All Out.

  21. I could have seen Kenny and the bucks feuding with Cole and Red Dragon for the trios belts if O’Riley and Fish were good to go.

  22. I think they’re gonna give it to Athena but I think Kris is a great choice and as much as i like Athena, I feel like they should put over one of the wrestlers who’s been there from the jump. That said Athena vs Statlander is a ready made feud when she beats Jade.

  23. My mutism gets triggered by stress so if I’m upset I find it harder to talk, if I’m tired it’s like a concerted effort to speak and I’d rather just say nothing.

  24. I re-watched the match and it seems like he was struggling earlier. Couldn’t tell if he was just selling but when he was chasing Jericho before he got hit with the fire extinguisher he was moving really strange and grabbing his back.

  25. When he and, think Ortiz?, suplexed Garcia off the top rope where the canvas was pulled up it looked like he fell awkwardly and messed his back up. Hopefully he’s fine and it wasn’t long term.

  26. I’m in Northern Ireland and I’ve had no issues ordering from them. Takes a wee while to get here (still waiting on my Kingston shirt I ordered during Forbidden Door) but they’re good shirts and they fit well.

  27. I will happily take those bounties off your hands

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